These Moms Are Making Us Laugh With Their Motherhood Struggles

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
A mother and her child
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At various times of the year, netizens are introduced to different social media trends, especially on TikTok. Another trend has been making the rounds called The Lil Wayne Lollipop trend for a while. In this trend, mothers record themselves and add text overlays, sharing some humorous things they have to deal with as mothers. Many women have joined the trend, one of whom is Kate Lindolson. Here are the details of her experience.

The Clip's Content 

Popular content creator and mother Kate Lindolson took to TikTok to share a glimpse of her life as a mother. She posted a clip in slow motion, featuring her carrying her infant son and drinking from a cup, with Lil Wayne's Lollipop playing in the background.

Kate Explains Her Ordeal

To complete the trend, Kate shared her tasking experience through a text overlay that read,

"On my way to take care of my sick kid AGAIN and also try to keep my job so I can pay for daycare where they keep getting said sickness."

The Video Goes Viral

Shortly after sharing the post, Kate became a viral sensation, with the video garnering over four million views and three hundred thousand likes. TikTokers also rushed to the comments section to air their thoughts.

TikTokers Relate To Kate's Plight

TikTokers' reactions
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As expected, most netizens could relate to Kate's predicament. A TikToker said there should be something in legal action protecting working parents who had to stay home with sick children.

Another Relatable Experience

A second netizen opened up about her own experiences that caused her to lose her job. According to her, two weeks into her new job, both her kids got RSV. The woman explained that she was eventually fired after missing two days at work while taking care of her kids.

More Relatable Motherhood Experiences

A mother and her child
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Another user and mother, who could relate to Kate's post, also revealed she was sick and tired of being expected to work and at the same time be a responsible full-time parent. A fourth user shared the same sentiment, noting she had to work to pay for daycare.

Childcare Workers Share Their Thoughts

Kids in a daycare
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Other comments were from childcare workers, who tried to explain why Kate's kids always got sick. One user noted that it wasn't a rare sight for kids to be dropped off at school, sick, and eventually infecting other kids.

Daycare Owner Recounts Her Experiences

Another netizen also stressed the importance of keeping sick children at home to prevent them from infecting others. She relayed she owned a daycare and had to frequently send children with fevers, diarrhea, etc., home.

An Advice To Kate 

Unfortunately, the daycare owner's actions were not enough to keep the sick kids at home, as the parents would come the next day with the sick child. A third TikToker with experience as a daycare owner advised Kate to switch daycares, as the one her child was going to was probably not properly disinfected.

Another 'Lollipop' Trend Video

While Kate's experience may not be the best, the Lollipop trend has witnessed some hilarious posts. Another TikTok video featured a content creator trying to look cool after a battle with her two-year-old child.

The Content Creator Explains Her Situation

To further explain her experience, the TikToker added a text overlay that read,

"POV you just wrestled your 2-year-old into a car seat, swept crusty old french fries out of your floorboard, you're late to your next extra curricular activity, and you never let them see you sweat."

TikTokers Gush About The Post

Like Kate's upload, the post went viral, with millions of views and thousands of likes. TikTokers also took to the comment section to gush about the content creator's ability to maintain her cool looks after everything successfully.

One More Hilarious Motherhood Experience

Another TikToker with the account name @familyfriendlyfinds had a funny take on the trend. The clip shared showed a mother trying to multitask with a child in her hand and another running around the kitchen.

The Doting Mom Explains Her Experience

Mother with her kids and snacks
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In the text overlay attached to the clip, she explained the video showed her at 5 pm, trying to entertain a feral toddler, holding a clingy baby, while trying to make dinner amid witching hour. Overall, the Lollipop trend has been worth the watch as it depicts how amazing yet challenging motherhood can be.