3 Lessons Retirees Learn Too Late [According To A Retirement Coach]

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Many retirees find life post-work difficult because they spent their active years focused on paying bills. Once that well dries up, they realize they did little to prepare for the retirement years.

Tips For A Healthy Retirement

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An American retirement coach, Nan Ives, with 27 years work experience in Fidelity Investments, a retirement company, shared tips learned from post-work life.

Experience Beats Theory

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Despite working as a retirement advisor for 27 years, Ives said their perspective changed from personal experience as they realized real life wasn't theoretical. They paired with another colleague and learned how to reacclimate after retirement.

What Do People Want To Know?

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The most common questions retirees have include finding purpose, giving back to the society and their families, having fun, and living without the obligation of work. After living the retirement life, they found three tips to help with the basics.

Stories From Others

They curated the tips through the stories of fifty people and merged it with their experience then created an organization, The Future of You to help others live a fulfilled retirement life.

The Three Rules

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1. It's Not Just About The Money

2. You Need To Shed Your Old Skin

3. Create a Non-Work Network

It's Not Just About The Money

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Money seems like the main goal but it's not the only important thing. If you focus too much on saving the money then you'd get lost in another rat race. You're forgetting that you'll now have more time than you can imagine and you need to fill it with activities.

Focus On The Activities

Finding the right activities is another task that seems insurmountable but you'll get there. The next step is to find a new purpose by shedding your old skin.

You Need To Shed Your Old Skin

"What does that mean?"

You may not know it but working an average of 40 hours/week has a lasting impact on your life. If that's all you know, having too much free time leaves you feeling empty.

Confront Your Changing Identity

To enjoy your new life, change everything you know about life as a workaholic. Also, know that ending your career doesn't mean your life is over. "Retiree" doesn't have to make you feel old and useless. Instead change how you think about it.

Practice Positive Thinking

Allow yourself readjust to the new life. Say some mantras and positive thoughts to yourself in the morning before you start your day. It'll give you a new sense of purpose.

Redirect Your Skills

Those skills and talents you learned during your long-term work life and hone them. Redirect them to your new purpose.

Create A Non-Work Network

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Chances are you're retiring with your friends and no, we don't mean work colleagues. Look up your childhood friends and reconnect. You probably fell out while pursuing your individual careers now it's time to enjoy your free time.

How To Grow Your New Network

Volunteer, join clubs and make new friends around your chosen purpose. There's nothing wrong with making friends across age groups. You'd be surprised at what you can learn.

Enjoy Your Retirement

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Happy Retirement.

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