The 20 Most Attractive Men in the World According to The Internet

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It’s easy to pick attractive men in the entertainment industry because there are so many of them. But it’s not easy to narrow down the list to just a small group because, well, there are so many of them.

Redditors managed to come up with a relatively short list, though, in a poll posted to the r/AskReddit page. A user asked people’s opinions on who they thought were the most attractive celebrities, and the community came through with a lot of replies.

Who Are The Most Attractive Celebs?

"Which celebrity can we all agree is attractive" poll on Reddit
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Reddit Answered

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The poll asked, “Which celebrity can we all agree is attractive?” and Redditors had plenty of opinions. The post got over 24 thousand upvotes and 16 thousand comments detailing their picks and why they thought those celebs were charming.

Some of the names mentioned were the usual suspects – that is, the most famous Hollywood heartthrobs any person on earth would have picked. A few were surprising because they didn’t actually fit the traditional mold of beauty – but then again, we’re all for breaking stereotypes here.

Below are the top 20 most attractive male celebrities according to Redditors. Did your favorites make the list?

Henry Cavill

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Redditors said he was “the perfect definition of the word handsome.”

Viggo Mortensen

Reddit comment saying "Viggo Mortensen"
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Many loved him as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings.

Idris Elba

Reddit comment saying, "Idris Elba"
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Apparently, there is such a thing as an “Idri-sexual.”

Paul Rudd

Reddit comment saying, "Paul Rudd"
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Because he doesn’t seem to age and he’s so nice!

Danny DeVito

Reddit comment saying, "Danny DeVito"
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They said he was a “God among men.”

Young Marlon Brando

Reddit comment saying, "Young Marlon Brando"
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They said he was so hot in A Streetcar Named Desire.

Ewan McGregor

Reddit comment saying, "Ewan McGregor"
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He has a great smile.

Chris Hemsworth

Reddit comment saying, "Chris Hemsworth"
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Well, because he’s a GOD – but also a “genuinely good person” with a sense of humor.

Jon Hamm

Reddit comment saying, "Jon Hamm"
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One said he looked even better and taller in person.

Matt Bomer

Reddit comment saying, "Matt Bomer"
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They were big fans of White Collar.

Sebastian Stan

Reddit comment saying, "Sebastian Stan"
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They loved those “steel blue eyes.”

Hugh Jackman

Reddit comment saying, "Hugh Jackman"
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Many of them thought a lot of men in their 50s were attractive.

Keanu Reeves

Reddit comment saying, "Keanu Reeves"
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They said he was beautiful inside and out.

Harrison Ford

Reddit comment saying, "Harrison Ford"
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They said he had an “absurd amount of confidence and charisma.”

Ryan Reynolds

Reddit comment saying, "Ryan Reynolds"
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Many found his “weirdness” attractive.

Chris Evans

Reddit comment saying, "Chris Evans"
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“Hottest dude ever” with a great personality, too.

Jason Momoa

Reddit comment saying, "Jason Momoa"
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They said he was big, strong, and had glorious hair.

Pierce Brosnan

Reddit comment saying, "Pierce Brosnan"
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Many agreed he had gotten better with age.

Tom Hardy

Reddit comment saying, "Tom Hardy"
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Two words: “Those lips.”

Jensen Ackles

Reddit comment saying, "Jensen Ackles"
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“Just beautiful to look at.”