Helena Christensen, 54, Proves Age Is Just A Number In Swimsuit On Beach Vacation

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Helena Christensen
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Helena Christensen is looking flawless at 54 while in a strapless swimsuit. The supermodel proved that she hasn't aged a day while enjoying a beachy break in a recent social media share - posting to Instagram, the '90s legend wowed with her iconic figure on show, also going for a trendy khaki swim piece as she showed off her sunkissed body. Helena posted while enjoying a luxurious ocean setting, also smiling softly with a natural finish as she splashed about shallow waters. The Vogue favorite told fans that it was "tail" vibes in her caption. Fans have left the Dane over 30,000 likes.

Stuns In Swimsuit At 54

Helena Christensen
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Helena posted for her 1 million followers and her beach setting definitely made a change from her trademark frozen river dip.

The brunette shared a gallery, one opening with a shot of her walking through the surf and modeling a one-shouldered and largely strapless green swimsuit. Showing off her long and toned legs, plus her gym-honed arms, Helena placed one hand to her head, also gazing downward and smiling a little. The catwalk queen then laughed in a shot photographed close up, here showing her pistachio shade of swimwear to be a little knitted. "I'd swap for a tail any day," she wrote, adding in a fun mermaid emoji.

Quick to leave heart-eye emoji was supermodel Gigi Hadid. Meanwhile, actress Ellen Pompeo wrote: "Warm water!!" The post further gained a like from 59-year-old reality star Lisa Rinna.

Frozen River Dip!

Helena recently made headlines for enjoying quite the brave moment. She plunged into ice-cold and frozen river waters on a snowy day, once again stripping down to a swimsuit.

"Perfect day for a river swim," she wrote. Fans gushed over the December 11, 2022 post. "Eternally the Queen of all things beautiful and exciting! 🧊 ❄️ 💦… love you, beauty! Just got me into the Christmas spirit!" one user wrote.

Simple Beauty Secret

Helena comes with plenty of tips on looking so good - she also shares one with fellow '90s supermodel Cindy Crawford.

"I feel absolutely the best when I have had good sleep. That’s my number one priority. I actually think it is the number one priority for most people. It just changes your entire day - when you haven't had enough sleep and also when you have," Helena told Harper's Bazaar.

Celeb Followers

Helena is followed on IG by stars including models Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber, plus actress Jennifer Aniston.