Heartless Man Dumps Woman After Donating Her Kidney To Save His Life

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Many people would do anything for the people they love including giving their lives if necessary, and that's what makes love beautiful. A TikTok user, Colleen Le, now known as the "kidney girl," donated her kidney to her boyfriend but they didn't live happily ever after and ride into the sunset.

Twist Of Fate

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Le's boyfriend cheated on her, leading to a nasty breakup. He'd gone to Vegas with some friends but broke the only code, "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas." After confessing about his cheating ways, they broke up.

Thankful For Karma

Le eventually moved on and then learned that the organ she donated failed. Since then, she's turned her trauma into comedy and had several viral moments on the social app.

See some of her updates and reactions below.

'In Her Villain Era'

Le doesn't mind that her videos might "hurt his feelings" as it's a small price to pay for his treatment of her.

TikTokers Have Diverse Opinions

Le keeps making reaction videos to the hilarious comments she receives from fellow TikTokers. One said her kidney failed because it was in a toxic environment, while others warned her about potentially ruining her ex's life with her videos.

Making Lemonade From Lemons

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Le jokes about her ordeal on TikTok and claims she makes money from telling her story. So, she's not as upset about getting dumped anymore.

Meanwhile, her post showing she's in a new long-term relationship suggests the situation has been over six years at least.

Fans Want Her To Expose His Identity

Despite going through that horrible experience, Le refused to expose her "kidney" ex.

Maintaining His Privacy

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She's continuing to protect their privacy even though she claims someone commented his full name under one of her posts.

In A Happy Relationship

Le's doing well now as she's in an almost six-year relationship with another person whom she met after the kidney ex disappointed her.

Trauma Never Leaves Fully

Some TikTokers tell Le to get over herself and move on since it's been years. However, she reminded them that the trauma is long-lasting, and it's insensitive to say things like that.

He Betrayed Her

Le shared a video of herself post-surgery in response to a comment saying her ex used her for her kidney and not because he loved her.

Did She Donate The Kidney To Look Good?

Some people think she only donated her kidney to look good because of the dark humor she's always indulging.

Cutting Off Negative People

She debunked it by making a video showing herself cutting off people with that mentality.

Going Viral

Le's surprised her story went viral as she started making TikToks to cope with the trauma of dating that person.

Getting Nervous Before Every Post

Despite acing her dark jokes, the TikToker admits that it's scary to share her story, and it takes courage for her to let strangers into her life. Visit her TikTok page for more stories.