'You' Season 4: Meet The New Characters and Their Dark Secrets In 'Edge-Of-Your-Seat' Teaser

Ashley Hunte
Penn Badgley stars as Joe Goldberg in the Netflix hit, "You."
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Fans of the Netflix series You don't have too much longer to wait for its fourth season. Ahead of its February 9th release, Netflix has uploaded a trailer for the first part of the season.

In it, we once again follow Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley). But this time, the hunter has become the hunted.

Season 4 Picks Up With Joe In London.

Joe Goldberg spends much of season 4 in London.
youtube | Netflix

As season 3 leaves off with Joe traveling to Europe, it picks up with him in the UK.

He Had Initially Gone To France To Find Marianne.

At the end of season 3, Joe follows Marianne to France.
youtube | Netflix

The beginning of the trailer shows that he may have just done that, though Marianne doesn't want anything to do with him.

Joe Then Turns To London, Where He Becomes A College Professor.

Joe ends up working as a university professor.
youtube | Netflix

Under the name Jonathan Moore, Joe starts a new life, surrounding himself with what he refers to as "a circle of privileged douchebags." Of course, Joe wouldn't be Joe unless he found a new woman to obsess over (which he does, as the trailer reveals).

But What Might Be The Most Shocking Revelation Is That Joe Is Now The Hunted.

Joe has become the hunted.
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Someone appears to be stalking Joe, texting him to comment on his life. Later in the trailer, it's revealed that the person knows him as Joe, and not as Johnathan.

Now Joe Must Figure Out Who The Stalker Is.

Someone among Joe's new friend group may be stalking him.
youtube | Netflix

Someone among his new circle knows more about Joe than they're letting on.

"One of you is hiding in plain sight. So who are... you?" he says in the trailer.

Will Joe's Past Finally Catch Up With Him?

Make sure to check out the trailer!

Tati Gabrielle returns for season 4 of the show. Other cast members include Charlotte Ritchie, Lukas Gage, Ed Speleers, Tilly Keeper, Amy-Leigh Hickman, Niccy Lin, Aidan Cheng, Brad Alexander, Ozioma Whenu, and Eve Austin."

Penn Badgley Commented On How This Season Differs From The Previous Ones.

Joe looks down on the "a circle of privileged douchebags" he has found himself a part of.
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"The tone is similar but it's shifting in that there is a different format. We're using a different format," he said to ET back in June. "It's almost like we're shifting the genre slightly. And I think it works."

The Show Will Feel Much Different Than Past Seasons.

Someone has been doing research on Joe's past.
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But, as Badgley commented, the tone and essence of the show will remain the same. It's sure to be a treat for longtime fans of the series.

Don't Forget To Catch 'You' Season Four On Netflix!

A new season means new drama for Joe.
youtube | Netflix

The first part of the season premiers on February 9th. The second part comes a month later, on March 9h.