Middle School Students Witness Shocking Overdose of New Jersey Teacher

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A teacher in New Jersey has been arrested for overdosing in front of middle school students. He was an art teacher at a suburban middle school in New Jersey. The police and the school involved have done their necessary parts.

The Middle School Teacher Was Found Unresponsive

Frank Thompson is a 57-year-old teacher at Roosevelt Intermediate School in Westfield, NJ. On November 29th, 2022, he was found unresponsive and unconscious in a classroom. The incident happened at 9 a.m. in the second-floor classroom. According to the Westfield Police Department report, Thompson was observed in distress by the students.

Details Of Thompson's Arrest

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He was also being treated by a school nurse before the arrival of the police. A responding police officer was quick to recognize signs of overdosing. Thompson was then injected with naloxone hydrochloride or Narcan which he carries around. Fortunately, Thompson showed signs of improvement. Per NY Post, during an investigation, police discovered paraphernalia and fentanyl in the classroom closet.

The School District Sends Letter To Parents

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The school district was quick to send a letter to parents. They informed them that the classroom was sealed off and sanitized. The incident happened in November 2022; however, Thompson was charged on the 5th of January, 2023. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

More On Thompson's Charges

Thompson was also charged with a disorderly person offense and endangering the welfare of the students. He is now scheduled to appear in court on February 1st. Superintendent Dr. Raymond Gonzàlez released a statement.

Student Safety is The Focus

In the statement, he stated a continued focus will be made on students' and staff's safety. Also, they will focus on preserving the integrity of the classroom as a place for learning.

The National Increase Of Fentanyl And Deaths

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The health crises in New York and America have gotten worse. According to NY Post, about 60% of all the fake prescribed drug pills that were seized in the U.S. in 2022 consist of fentanyl. This discovery made it go up to 40% more from 2021.

Statistics On Fentanyl Overdose

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According to federal data, of the roughly 102,000 annual overdose deaths worldwide, two-thirds were from fentanyl. The record shows in cities, fentanyl is over 80% more than OD deaths for the last 12 months. The death rate is also about 125% since 2016.

It Has Reduced Life Expectancy In The US

Fentanyl's national increase of 75% has reduced American life expectancy to its lowest within 25 years. Fentanyl is manufactured by Mexican cartels and sent across America's southern border.

Expert Gives A Warning

Tiny amounts of fentanyl can result in death for adults. This is also possible if it was also added as an additive to boost drugs. Bridget Brennan, who is New York City's Special Narcotics Prosecutor, gave a warning. She warned that fentanyl is now "integrated" into other drug supplies.

Moves Towards Fentanyl Harm Reduction

New York's progressives have been seeking ways to reduce the harmful use of fentanyl. They discovered that testing kits and safe injection sites are the likely remedies. The most important move they are to take is to secure the southern border.

The Focus Of the Drug Enforcement Administration

The Drug Enforcement Administration seized more than 379 million lethal doses of fentanyl at the border in 2022. It also included more than 50 million fake prescription pills. The return of the king of policing Mayor Eric Adam advocates is essential in New York. They focus on restoring public order and fighting recidivism.

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