Sharon Stone Was Never 'Comfortable' Around Michael Douglas While Filming 'Basic Instinct'

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Sharon Stone has opened up regarding her Basic Instinct costar Michael Douglas. The legendary actress remains best known for playing the femme fatale in the 1992 movie, one also seeing her character seduce the detective who is chasing her.

Opening Up On Douglas

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In a new reveal about the crime flick, Sharon revealed:

"I had met him on two or three occasions in social situations before I tested with him for this movie."

Says She Was Never Really 'Comfortable'

Sharon stone
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The 64-year-old continued: "I really felt that he and I could have a certain strange, dynamic energy together. I was never comfortable around him, and I don’t think he was comfortable around me."

Sharon played Catherine Tramell, a leggy and wealthy writer who is also the prime suspect in a rock star murder - Douglas' Nick Curran character is investigating the whole thing.

Iconic Movie

The movie was a box office success and went on to become a cult one, also symbolic of sexuality in mainstream movies. Definitely iconic is the risque scene showing Stone getting interrogated by cops while crossing and uncrossing her legs - and not wearing any underwear.

Says It Was A 'Primal' Thing

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The Hollywood star continued: "It was a primal thing for me. It was all about watching him, observing his movements, provoking him." Sharon landed the role by wearing a tight cocktail dress for the audition.

On-Screen Love

The movie plays out with plenty of flair as Stone teases and tempts her on-screen lover - Curran is determined not to fall for his suspect at first, but she's all too much. Before he knows it, he's semi-stalking her and watching her through the large windows of her oceanfront property. Sharon also revealed trying to act like Catherine while with the movie's director.

Speaking Out On 1992 Movie

In a Vanity Fair interview seeing her discuss her Catherine role, Sharon revealed that she was told:

"You get so close on every project you go up on, but you always come in second. You really need a great acting teacher. I know this man who is so amazing that if he doesn’t completely change your life, not just your acting, your life, I will pay for all of your lessons.”