Pamela Anderson Finally Opens Up About Infamous 'Pam & Tommy' Past in Netflix Documentary

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Pamela Anderson
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Pamela Anderson has spoken out as the OG of Pam & Tommy as she takes control of her own story in the trailer for the new Netflix documentary, Pamela, A Love Story. The docu comes in the wake of the TV series, where Anderson is played by actress Lily James.

Speaking Out

Pamela features in the trailer for Pamela, A Love Story, directed by Ryan White. The Canadian-born model and actress here tells her side of the story and also of her rise to fame. She also discusses her famous sex tape with Tommy Lee, to whom she was married.

Wants To 'Take Control'

Pamela Anderson

"I wanna take control of the narrative for the first time," Pam says.

"I had to make a career out of the pieces left, but I'm not the damsel in distress," she adds laughing. "I put myself in crazy situations ... and survived them."

Director Says She's Acing It

Pamela Anderson
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Meanwhile, director Ryan told People, "She's telling her story in her own words, finally, but she also doesn't know which archival videos and personal diaries will be used in the final film."

Feels 'Sick' Over Leaked Sex Tape

The 55-year-old also expressed disgust at her sex tape being leaked. “I blocked that stolen tape out of my life in order to survive and now that it’s all coming up again, I feel sick,” she continued. “I want to take control the narrative for the first time.”

Ignored After Reach-Out

While fans have been pumped to see Lily James slip into the iconic red swimsuit made famous by Pamela on the TV series Baywatch, it doesn't look like Pamela has been in the mood to communicate with Lily. Per NME, James revealed that Pamela never replied after she reached out to her.

Feeling Disrespected

Pamela also looked over her fame, overall, noting that years of being chased by the paparazzi didn't leave her feeling too great. She “didn’t feel like I had a lot of respect." Pamela now leads a low-key life and rarely posts to social media - fellow Baywatch bombshell Carmen Electra actually boasts more followers. Of her sex symbol status, the stunner shared:

“Some men think, ‘Oh, she’s a playboy thing or this sexual person,’ and then hate you for being something else."

Fans Still Love Her

Pamela remains adored by her fans, who also stand by her years with PETA. The docu, meanwhile, came with a March 2022 announcement from Pamela, saying that her life had a "thousand imperfections."

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