Man's Marriage to His Imaginary Friend Is Raising Eyebrows

Valeria Cova
Charles' pictures with Juniper

Any hopeless romantic would agree that every love story is unique. No matter where you met or how long you've been together, every relationship is special, even if you don't understand it. A man called Charles Palabino struggles daily with his relationship since people don't seem to understand it.

Charles Was A Lone Wolf

charles talking

Charles is 36 years old; he was born and raised in Beaver Creek, Wisconsin, where he was heavily bullied growing up. However, he found love in high school, when he felt like a lone wolf, and no one wanted to be his friend.

It Was Love At First Sight

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Juniper and Charles started their relationship the day they met in the school library after she reached out for the same book he needed for his English assignment. They were the perfect couple; the only problem was Juniper was Charles' imaginary friend.

They've Been Together For 12 Years

charles and juniper

Since the moment they met, Charles never felt alone again. Instead, he learned to love his life and see beauty in all things. They've been married for 12 years, and during that time, Charles spent over $165,000 in their relationship.

They Share The Chores

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They have a common dynamic; they share the house chores and spend most of their time together on walks or playing board games. Juniper prefers to do the cleaning, while Charles does most of the cooking.

They Can't Be Apart For Too Long


Though she volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they still text each other when they are apart. They love to have "emoji battles" so Charles doesn't feel lonely. Meanwhile, when they are out in public, they receive a lot of looks, but he doesn't care.

Date Nights Every Week

date night

Charles and Juniper love to go on dates; they always go to the same restaurant. The manager of the place, Rapha, said that Charles goes three times a week and orders two entrees. Yet, when asked if he believed Juniper was real, he had no comment.

What Does Everyone Think?


Charles says he is aware that most people don't acknowledge his marriage with Juniper as something real but hopes that soon enough, everyone realizes that not all relationships look the same and they are in love.

The Marriage Isn't Legal


He has requested their marriage license over 48 times but always gets rejected. Charles added that he believes there's a lot of change left to do in the country until they finally let them legalize their marriage. But, he said, "I know we are not married in the eyes of the law, but we don't care. Juniper's my life."

What Charles' Friends Think

charles' friend

His neighbor and friend, Tyler Regan, said, “Charlie’s a good guy; he could put himself out there; he could legitimately find himself a girlfriend” He believes he is wasting his life.

Tyler tries to talk Charles out of it, telling him his shutting himself from actual romantic opportunities; however, Charles tells him he’s happy with Juniper.

Is This For Real?

tyler regan

If all of these sound strange and you feel like it is impossible, don't worry, you're right. All this story was made by Tyler Regan, Charles' non-imaginary friend, a comedy content creator known for his skits and pranks.

It Was A Parody


Tyler posted the video as a parody of an episode of TLC's My Strange Addiction, where people with odd likes were interviewed and followed to understand why they had certain addictions. The video has over 27K likes and 6K comments.

The Video Was Very Popular


People in the comments thought the video was hilarious; they even added their ideas, such as having an empty chair as if Juniper was interviewed. Someone commented, "Juniper is such a transparent person, I can see right through her," and the whole section was full of jokes.

You Can Watch The Video

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