What Happens When You're a 40-Year-Old Virgin? Clive Dancey Tells All

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Clive Dancey
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For decades, the idea of having sex and losing one's virginity has been a major topic and bone of contention. While many see virginity as old-fashioned, others think it is quite a big deal. In the past few years, the internet has recorded stories of individuals yet to have sex, despite being advanced in age. One such individual is Clive Dancey, who you will know more about below.

Details About Clive

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A few years ago, IT Engineer Clive Dancey became a viral sensation after he appeared as the star of the documentary 40 Year Old Virgins. The show detailed the life of Clive, a man in his forties, who was yet to experience intimacy through sexual intercourse.

Clive Talked About Being A Virgin

Following his appearance in the show, netizens were delighted to know more about the adult virgin. In an interview with Together TV, Clive opened up about his life as an adult virgin. Firstly, the IT engineer noted that living that way was quite unfair.

Clive Had Other Skills 

Clive loves music
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Clive was convinced he was a loving, thoughtful person and desired to show a lady those traits. While Clive claimed never to have had sexual intercourse, he had other things he was good at, one of which was music. However, his musical talent was not enough to land a girlfriend.

Clive Battled With His Self Image 

Indeed, it had been a struggle for the middle-aged man. Clive told the outlet that for the longest time, he had struggled with his self-image. He began losing his hair at 23, which affected his confidence badly. Clive also mentioned he battled bad acne until he was about 30.

Clive Lost Confidence In Himself

All these struggles made Clive feel less confident, almost making him go into his shell. During the chat, he confessed that his virginity led many to wonder if he was gay. However, Clive knew he wasn't, as he fancied women and had some sexual experiences with them.

Clive Had Female Friends

Although Clive claimed to have zero knowledge of sexual intercourse, he had female friends. Sadly, the IT engineer relayed that platonic friendship was the highest that could come from any relationship with a woman, as he felt he didn't give out a sexual aura.

Clive's Friends Also Wanted Him To Have Sex

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One of Clive's female friends, Lindsey, said she would be delighted if he lost his virginity. She noted that she would be at peace knowing that the big load was taken off his shoulders and he could finally have fun.

Having Sex May Be Far-Fetched

Despite how many people desired to see Clive have sexual intercourse, it seemed far-fetched. The IT noted that it was difficult to approach women after being single for many years. He described approaching a woman as "throwing one's self into the lion's den."

Was Clive Lying?

Some years ago, Clive made the headlines after he was accused of being a professional actor, not a virgin. According to reports, before appearing on the Channel 4 show 40 Year Old Virgins, he was spotted visiting a sex surrogate in the US to overcome his fear of intimacy.

Clive Allegedly Had Sex

After losing his virginity, he was filmed being ecstatic about his experience. Also, a source revealed Clive had sexual relations in the past and was not the hand-wringing virgin depicted in the show.

Channel 4 Denies Allegations

Due to the findings, netizens were displeased with Channel 4, noting that they had deceived the public. However, a spokeswoman denied any allegations that the show was fake, claiming that Clive considered himself a virgin at the time.

Another Similar Story

Meanwhile, Clive's story is not the only one to have gone viral in the last few years. A man, identified as Jon, left the public in shock after reports revealed he was still a virgin, despite being 36. 

Jon Talks About His Status

During an episode of the TLC show Strange Sex, the handsome man made it known that many believed anyone who was a virgin at that age was either weird, gay, or religious. However, he did not care, as it wasn't a big deal to him.

Why Did Jon Abstain From Sex?

The reality star further mentioned that he had other sexual experiences. However, he was saving the main deal for someone he truly cared about. Overall, Jon believed being a virgin in one's 30s or 40s shouldn't be considered weird or a big deal.