A Woman’s Clever Way of Dealing With Her Cheating Boyfriend Is Going Viral

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
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A popular content creator Analisa Corona went viral after detailing an incident in her relationship. In a video, the TikToker explained how she taught a woman to keep her car locked after she suspected she was having an affair with her boyfriend. Here are the details.

The Weird Experience In Analisa's Relationship

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Analisa began telling her story by noting that her boyfriend was weird at some point in her relationship. So, she decided to sort things out by asking him if she could come over, but she was stunned to get a negative response instead.

Analisa Gets More Curious

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Analisa's boyfriend's response did not sit right with the content creator, who was determined to know why her man refused to see her. So, the TikToker decided to do some prying and asked her boyfriend to FaceTime, but sadly, she got no response.

The TikToker Satisfies Her Curiosity

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With both of her requests turned down, Analisa became more suspicious and knew she needed to go to his house to satisfy her curiosity. Upon arrival at her boyfriend's house, Analisa's suspicions were right. She found a car parked in the same spot she would usually park her cars.

Analisa Is Met With Disappointment

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Analisa revealed it was strange as no cars were usually parked in her spot. Filled with an adrenaline rush, the TikToker went to the car to check who the owner was, but to her disappointment, she met an empty car.

Analisa Ransacks The Side Chick's Car

However, the car's door was open, allowing Analisa to dig more. So, she went through the car and found the alleged side chick's wallet, AirPods, and various other items. Next, the TikToker went through the wallet and recognized who the woman was.

Analisa Takes Another Step

Filled with more agitation, Analisa walked to her boyfriend's front door and began banging but got no answer. Then, she thought of a better option — her boyfriend's bedroom window. So, she went over and continued knocking but just like before, she got no response.

Analisa Receives Message From Boyfriend

Not long after, Analisa got a text from her boyfriend saying the neighbors had called him about the persistent knocking on his door. However, the TikToker was certain her boyfriend was lying. In her words:

"Nobody called him, nobody called him. The neighbors did not call him. They were inside that b***h, and they didn't want to come out."

Analisa Gets A Second Text

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Next, Analisa got another text from her boyfriend. This time, it was a screenshot of a 911 call with the minutes still going and advice from her man to immediately vacate the premises, as the police were on their way. Analisa chose to leave but made sure to teach the woman a lesson.

Analisa Teaches The Side Chick A Lesson

According to her, she got into the side chick's unlocked car, grabbed everything from inside, and threw them out on the lawn. Then, Analisa coveted the AirPods, even though she didn't want to, as the pair refused to show up. She further noted that it was a good steal because one of her AirPods had stopped working.

Enacting More Vengeance

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After doing damage, Analisa left the property, but the drama didn't end there. A few days later, the lady reached out, asking for her AirPods, which Analisa gave back. However, rather than the one she stole, the TikToker gave the side chick her old AirPods and changed the name to "Lock your car b***h."

TikTokers Applaud Analisa's Actions

TikTokers' reaction
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Not long after the post was shared, it went viral, with many netizens trooping to the comments section to air their thoughts. Some users supported Analisa's actions about taking revenge. One netizen said the AirPods were payment for Analisa's inconvenience, while another further advised her to take the registration sticker on the license plate.

More Supporting Reactions

A third user noted that Analisa's story made her day, while another said she would have broken her boyfriend's bedroom window. A fifth also explained that she would have taken more things because her boyfriend would pay for them.

Netizens Criticize Analisa's Actions

TikTokers' reaction
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While some TikTokers supported Analisa's actions, others kicked against it, noting that it was unnecessary. One user said Analisa should have taken it out on her boyfriend, not the girl, who may not have known about her.

Another TikTok user shared the same sentiments, revealing that Analisa should have taken revenge on her boyfriend, not the lady. Others stated that Analisa should have handled the situation more maturely by walking away.