Damar Hamlin Makes First Social Media Post Since Cardiac Arrest: 'Keep Praying For Me'

Jordan Claes
A "Love For Damar" sign hanging in Lambeau Field.
Getty | Patrick McDermott

The sports world at large is still reeling from the tragic injury that befell Buffalo Bills' Safety, Damar Hamlin. While playing against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday, January 2nd, Damar suffered a hit to the chest that brought on sudden cardiac arrest.

Football fans came out in droves, sending out prayers and donating millions of dollars to Damar's toy fund as a way of showing their support and solidarity. Now, after days of uncertainty, the beloved Bills player has officially made his first social media post.

Damar Hamlin Appears To Be Out Of The Woods After Making His First Instagram Post.

Damar Hamlin in the hospital with his family, making heart signs with their hands.
instagram | @d.ham3

Damar posted a four-photo collage of himself, containing images both on and off the field. Also included was a meme of the iconic quote made by Damar's doctor.

For Context, When Damar First Regained Consciousness, He Asked His Doctors, "Did We Win?"

To which they replied, "Yes, you won. You've won the game of life, Damar." It appears Damar is in complete agreement.

Damar Began His Caption by Saying, "When You Put Real Love Out Into The World, It Comes Back To You 3x's As Much."

Damar Hamlin on the way to the locker room. Wearing a black Givency bomber jacket, matching jeans, and dark sunglasses.
instagram | @d.ham3

Damar also made sure to thank his family, friends, and every single fan who prayed and reached out for him during his recovery.

"We Brung[Sic] The World Back Together Behind This. If You Know Me You Know This Only Gone Make Me Stronger. On A Long Road Keep Praying For Me!"

During the Buffalo Bills' game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday, January 2nd, Damar Hamlin made a routine tackle and suffered consequences, unlike anything anyone had ever seen.

The 24-Year-Old Safety Suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest And Collapsed On The Field.

Emergency crews rushed onto the field and immediately began administering CPR. After roughly 10 minutes, Damar was loaded into an ambulance and driven out of the stadium to the hospital.

After Confirmation That Hamlin's Heartbeat Had Been Restored, The League Decided To Cancel The Game.

Damar Hamlin wearing a green sweater and a bucket hat.
instagram | @d.ham3

With players and coaches weeping on the field, unsure whether their friend and teammate would live or die, the outcome of a football game seemed trivial by comparison.

Shortly After Damar Was Admitted To The Hospital, His Toy Drive Was Discovered Online.

Before Damar was drafted in 2021, he started a GoFundMe toy drive with the goal of raising $2500 for needy children during the Christmas season.

By The Following Tuesday, Damar's Toy Drive Had Received 151,200 Donations, Totalling Over $4 Million.

Both Damar and his entire family were blown away by the generosity shown by the Bills' Mafia and sports fans all over the world.

Damar Is Said To Be Neurologically In-Tact And Has Been Placed On The Injured Reserve List For The Remainder Of The Year.

Damar Hamlin smiling, with his finger in his mouth. Wearing a black jacket and a brown toque.
instagram | @d.ham3

Despite this unfortunate turn of events, the Bills and NFLPA have come together to ensure that Damar will still receive his full salary, despite missing time due to injury. With any luck, fans will see the rising star back on the gridiron at the start of next season.