Woman's Unique Hack To Keeping Dishes Clean For "Chore-Haters"

Chisom Ndianefo
Doing Dishes
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Not everyone's a fan of doing household chores. From laundry to cleaning the bathtubs, some people can pay huge sums to outsource it or make tasks disappear at the snap of a finger forever! (Come on, Thanos!).

Maybe hold out on the Thanos option because this woman on TikTok is a knight in shining armor for "chore-haters" and has devised a smart means to clean dishes without washing them.

Keep reading for the details.

Save Water, Save The Planet

TikTok user @mrsharris2you A.K.A Stephanie is coming through with the ultimate life hack for doing the dishes.

The mom captured her daughter who gets the dishes ready for a family dinner night with zero intentions to wash them later.

Saran Wraps To The Rescue

The young woman religiously covered the plates with saran wraps to prevent contact with food or oil. The TikTok account placed a text overlay which read "Her day to do the dishes" followed by three laughing emojis on the video.

A Genius Idea

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Viewers are praising the young woman's idea as user @Pucavu wrote "Best idea, Wao your a genius." with lots of emojis.

User @aliciakiesdube3 surprisingly finds washing dishes easier than cooking and we can't hold back our shock.

@ChandelSchlosz applauded her efforts by calling her "smart," while @Nancyalexanderoge referred to it as "Problem solving as its best."

One of Many

Unsplash | Brooke Lark

Stephanie isn't the first young woman to showcase prudent and smart techniques at getting the dishes clean without necessarily washing them.

The Plastic Cling Wrap Method

User @dam.i.on released a short clip of him wrapping a plate in plastic cling wrap back in June 2021 while showing off how the technique works to help keep the plates in good condition.

Time Consuming But Totally Worth It

Unsplash | Jasmin Schreiber

The TikTok user admitted that while his effort at using a plastic cling wrap takes time and more effort than washing off the plate, he'd still pick the option as he truly hates doing the dishes.

Poked Holes

While some applauded Stephanie's golden idea and thought it was a brilliant strategy, other fear for likely poked holes in the wraps as user @Emma Lopez wrote "one bad fork move and it's gone hahaha."

Hello? Roaches?

Another user examined the situation from an entirely different perspective, asking if the wraps would keep rodents and pests away from the dishes.

@PoiseAP wrote "I'm confused. Is this to keep roaches off them or clean?"

Saran Wraps Have Other Uses

This common kitchen item can be used for so many purposes asides wrapping dishes. You can use them to protect your cell phone and tablets in the kitchen area.

Fresh Food

Unsplash | Nadine Primeau

Saran wraps help keep your food, fruits and veggies fresh and long lasting in your refrigerator as it limits liquid contact which causes decomposition.

Plastic Wraps For Covering Surfaces

This is for those who don't fancy cleaning surfaces repeatedly. You can cover it with saran wraps and remove it when you feel like its time to come off.

Suitable For Scales

Unsplash | Kelvin T

You can use your clear plastic food wrap to line a scale for small kitchen ingredients if you don't want to use a bowl.

Prevent Your Drink From Spilling

Unsplash | Kevin Lehtla

An effective tip to prevent your drink from pouring away is to attach a plastic wrap generously around the glass. It'll help hold it in place and even aid balance.

Extra Grip For Your Jar

Glass Jar
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If you can't find rubber gloves within short notice, you can find a piece of plastic wrap to open a tight lid on your jar or bottle. It's cheaper, faster, and safer for you.