9-Year-Old Gets Nose Pierced, Mom Shuts Down Critics with a Dose of Humor

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Many parents have different ways in which they choose to raise their kids. Many kids want to express themselves in a variety of ways, such as coloring their hair, changing their clothing, or even getting piercings. Most parents argue that age is a big deciding factor in what they will and will not allow their kids to do.

Some Parents Argue That Kids Should Be 18 When They Make Big Choices

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When it comes to body modification and other types of changes, many parents argue that kids should be older, at least 16 to 18 before making big changes such as hair coloring and even piercings.

However, Other Parents Disagree

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Other parents allow their kids to have a bit more freedom and feel as though as long as their child is not hurting anyone else (and not themselves) honoring who they are is much more important than that.

One Mom Recently Shared on TikTok That She Allowed Her 9-Year-Old Daughter to Get Her Nose Pierced

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The mom shared the video as part of a trend to showcase how judgmental people can be, playing the "world's smallest violin" for the haters. She said that many people call her a "bad mom" for allowing her daughter to do such a thing.

Later, in a Follow Up Video, the Mom Explained Why She Let Her Daughter Pierce Her Nose

9 year old nose ring
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The mom said that her 9-year-old daughter has a huge personality and really is confident in who she is. She also shared that her daughter doesn't like earrings or want her ears pierced, and instead really just wanted her nose pierced.

The Mom Also Shared That it Was 100% Legal to Do

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Many online and in articles said the mom must have done it illegally, stating that there are age restrictions on how old a person has to be for a piercing like this. The mom followed up by sharing the location where her daughter had the piercing done and even offered to have people call the shop to verify it was legal.

Some People Online Thought it Was Fine and Acceptable

Some parents commented on the mom's TikTok videos sharing that her daughter does look adorable with the piercing, and as long as she's happy, why should people comment and judge her in the first place?

Others Shared Many People Pierce Their Children Without Consent

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There were dozens of comments saying that the people who are judging this mom seem to forget that parents often pierce their children's ears when they are too young to consent, and they even question why the ear is any "better" than the nose.

Some Online Even Pointed Out It's Not "Permanent"

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Many commenters also pointed out that the nose ring is not a permanent thing, like a tattoo. She can always take it out and let it close up whenever she sees fit.

Despite The Reasoning Behind the Nose Ring and Support, People Online Felt it Was Still Inappropriate

There were many parents online who felt that it was wrong for a young child to have that much freedom and expression.

Some People Pointed Out At School, It's Inappropriate

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TikTok users were quick to point out that many schools have policies with young children and what they can and cannot wear. Some said the school may even have her remove it. The mom commented back saying they have not had one issue with it so far.

Others Shared That Her Daughter's Nose is Not Fully 'Developed'

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People online mentioned that at 9, her daughter's nose is not fully developed and may still grow and change. This could make the piercing look "weird" or even stretch as it grows.

Some Parents Said This is What's Wrong With 'New Parents'

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Commenters also stated that today, too many parents want to be their child's friend, rather than be a parent.

They Pointed Out Her Daughter Could 'Walk All Over Her' Eventually

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Some parents pointed out that kids who always get told "yes" are not going to understand what to do when a parent says "no."

Overall, the Mom Shared She's 'Not Concerned' With Those Who Disagree

The mom shared online that despite the haters, her daughter is just a normal kid who does normal kid things—nose ring or not.