Kate Middleton Demanded Meghan Markle Apologized For Her 'Baby Brain' Comment

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Kate Middleton
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We can already tell that Prince Harry's new memoir is the gift that won't stop giving. Since its release date announcement, shocking revelations have been made about members of the royal family by various sources and the prince himself, and now, we're on Kate Middleton's chapter.

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Tension Between The Duchess And The Princess

Kate And Meghan
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New chapters from the memoir shed light on the strained relationship between Meghan Markle and Middleton in the early days of Markle's marriage to Harry caused by a "harmless" comment Markle had made about Middleton.

'Baby Brain'

Meghan And Kate
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In the excerpt from the Spanish version of the memoir duly translated to English and obtained by NBC News, Meghan suggested that Kate had a condition called "baby brain", which didn't sit well with the princess of Wales.

This term refers to the memory problems, poor concentration and absent mindedness associated with pregnancy and early days of motherhood.

Patching Up Over Tea

Megan and Kate
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The pair and their husbands, Prince William and Harry, moved to resolve the argument over tea at Kensington Palace in June 2018, less than a month after the Duke and Duchess of Harry tied the knot.

Kate Demanded For An Apology

A furious Middleton, who had just given birth to Louis a month before the wedding between Harry and Markle, demanded an apology from Markle while stating that they were not close enough for the Duchess of Sussex to make comments about her hormones.

Origin Of The 'Baby Brain' Statement

According to the book, the Duchess meant no harm with the statement as it, in fact, only happened because Middleton told Meghan she forgot something inconsequential.

A confused Meghan could not wrap her head around the Princess of Wales's angry reactions as she described her remark as something she used around her friends.

Gripping Chairs, Turning White

The Duke of Sussex described Middleton's anger as so intense that she held the chair so tightly, temporarily cutting blood supply to her fingers.

Enters Prince William

William And Kate
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The royal claimed prince William took his wife's side as the argument got intense at tea and pointed his finger at Meghan while calling her comment to his wife "rude and inappropriate" in Britain.

Get That Out Of My Face!

In response to William's actions, Meghan reportedly told her brother-in-law to take his fingers out of her face.


Prince Harry
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The memoir Spare will be released on Monday, January 10, and we're sure those pages will spill even more shocking secrets and details about Harry and Meghan's experience in the palace.