'Horrendous' TikTok Cleaning Hack Has People 'Scared To Look' Inside Their Sinks

Ashley Hunte
A cleaning hack shows that there's a way to remove the drain plug on a kitchen sink.
TikTok | @cultrostore

Cleanliness isn't just good for your mental health. It's also extremely important to keep yourself from getting sick. While even the cleanest person won't catch every dirty spot in a house, getting most of it done is good enough.

A viral TikTok by an account called Cultro (@cultrostore) shows how there's a spot in the sink that often goes overlooked, and can have some pretty gross dirt in there.

How To Unscrew The Drain Trap On A Sink

A person unscrews the trap.
TikTok | @cultrostore

In the video, a person takes the plug off the sink's drain, and then uses its side to unscrew the trap from the drain itself.

Taking Out The Center Screw

The middle screw is off the drain.
TikTok | @cultrostore

All that's left to do is to take the trap off the drain, something most of us probably didn't even know was possible until now.

The Area Underneath Is... Just Gross

The area underneath is full of disgusting gunk.
TikTok | @cultrostore

After removing the trap, what's left is a disgusting slurry of gunk, which would've built up over a long period of time. Apparently, this is a feature of the sink we're supposed to clean.

Replacing The Dirty Trap

The trap is replaced with a new, clean one.
TikTok | @cultrostore

The last shot shows the same sink, but with a new (and very clean) trap replacing the old one.

Though It's Just 9 Seconds Long, The Video Went Viral

With over 1.8 million views and more than 7000 likes, it's safe to say that a lot of people online learned something new from the short, gross, informative clip.

Emphasis On The 'Gross' Part

SpongeBob and Patrick reacting to something gross.
Giphy | SpongeBob SquarePants

Commenters were definitely grossed out over the content of the video. Considering how much buildup there was underneath the trap, it makes sense.

Users Commented On The Revelation

Many users were afraid to look.
TikTok | @cultrostore

Much to their horror, the people who tried this out in their own sink found gross gunk in their drains as well. Some were relieved that they could at least get their sinks clean.

Some Were Actually Scared To Look

Other users were scared to look.
TikTok | @cultrostore

The TikToker responded to commenters who were afraid to look, admitting that the smell from their own sink was pretty horrible before it was cleaned.

Some People Already Knew About The Trap

Some people already knew the hack.
TikTok | @cultrostore

Some users confirmed that they already knew about this. Those in the know even talked about how they regularly clean their drains out using this method.

Some Were Quick To Point Out Why You Shouldn't Do This

Some say you shouldn't do this.
TikTok | @cultrostore

While the hack went well for the TikToker, many commenters cautioned others from trying this at home if you're not familiar with how your kitchen plumbing works.

The Screw Keeps The Whole Thing Together

A stainless steel sink.
Unsplash | Callum Hill

Several commenters pointed out how, if you remove that part of the sink, you could risk your sink completely falling apart.

The Results Would Be Very, Very Bad

A sink filling up with water.
Unsplash | Bibi Pace

Some commenters talked about how they tried this with their kitchen sinks and bathtubs. For many, they ended up with flooding in their homes.

Commenters Divided

Maury looks distressed.
Giphy | The Maury Show

For many commenters, the viral hack was simply not worth doing based on the risk of flooding your home and needing to pay a plumber.

The Creator Replied Claiming That Their Own Sink Was Fine

The user claims that it works fine for them.
TikTok | @cultrostore

The user who posted the TikTok hasn't had any problems with their own sink, and still stands by the hack.

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