Royal Rift Deepens As Prince Harry’s Memoir Details Alleged Incident With Brother

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Prince William and Harry
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In 2022, reports revealed that Prince Harry would release his memoir, Spare. As expected, many hoped for some interesting and shocking details about the Duke of Sussex's life and the Royal Family. A few months after the news hit the internet, netizens received a glimpse of the book's content, including details of a physical assault between Harry and his brother Prince William. Find out more below.

Where Did The Incident Occur?

Prince Harry is no longer holding back the truth about his time being a royal. According to The Guardian, the Duke of Sussex opened up about a physical altercation between him and Prince William in his upcoming autobiography. The fallout reportedly occurred in his London home in Kensington Palace in 2019.

The Royal Brothers Engage In A Heated Argument

According to the outlet, Prince Harry confessed that he and Prince William were engaged in a confrontation because the Prince of Wales called Meghan Markle difficult, abrasive, and rude. The Duke of Sussex further described his brother's actions as a "parroting to the press narrative" against his American wife.

Prince Harry Tries To Calm The Situation

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Unfortunately, rather than resolve their differences, Prince Harry claimed in his book that the situation quickly escalated, leading to a screaming match between the duo. According to the Duke of Sussex, he then gave Prince William a glass of water, adding that they could not speak amicably if he was enraged.

Prince William Attacks His Brother

Detailing what happened next, Prince Harry claimed his brother put down the glass of water, called him another name, and attacked him. He alleged that the heir to the throne grabbed him by the collar, ripped his necklace, and threw him to the floor. Prince Harry admitted that the impact of the fall was so severe that he landed on the dog's bowl, which cracked to pieces, visibly injuring him.

Prince William Reportedly Apologizes About His Actions

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Prince Harry further alleged that his brother urged him to fight back like they used to while growing up. However, he refused to do so. Upon realization of what had happened, Prince William became full of regret and apologized. But the Duke of Sussex noted that he wasn't having any of the apologies as he got to his feet and asked his brother to "get out."

Prince Harry Shares His Experience With Meghan

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Prince William allegedly obliged his brother's request but soon turned back and asked that the altercation remain a secret between them. According to Prince Harry, Meghan didn't immediately hear about what happened, but his therapist did. Eventually, the altercation couldn't stay hidden as Meghan noticed bruises on her husband's back, leading to Prince Harry's decision to spill the bean.

What Other Details Will The Book Contain?

The supposed physical attack is only one of the many incidents detailed in Spare. According to The Guardian, the book will also contain subjects of the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, which caused a huge controversy. Readers will also know about Meghan's miscarriage, her suicidal thoughts, and other alleged terrible treatments she received from the Royal Family.

What Does Prince Harry's Book Title Mean?

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The title "Spare" is derived from the phrase "the heir and the spare" — an old saying in royal and aristocratic circles. According to the old saying, the first son is an heir to power, fortune, and titles, while the second son is a spare, should anything happen to the firstborn.

When Will The Book Be Released?

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In a statement from the book's publisher Penguin Random House, Spare will be released on January 23, 2023, and might likely cause another controversy worldwide. Sadly, many believe the book's details will cause the brothers' relationship to worsen, but they can only hope for the best.