Uh Oh! Woman's Attempt To Find Mystery Lover On TikTok May Have Just Led Her To His Wife

Chisom Ndianefo
Mica Renee
TikTok | MicaRenee

We all know the power social media holds when it comes to reconnecting people and finding lost items. Well, this woman asked TikTok to perform its magic and lead her back to the arms of the mystery man she met at the beach. Little did she know a little surprise was waiting for her at the end of this search.

Keep reading for the juicy details.

The Search

TikTok user @MicaRenee sought help on the app to help her reconnect with a mystery man she met while out on the beach. Renee decided to take the bold step by sharing the video under a popular hashtag "helpmefindhim"- a tag with over 168.86 million posts from users seeking to find lost connections too.

She wrote in a caption on the video "TikTok help me find this man I met in Miami"

A Viral Moment

Contents of the video which has gathered over 4 million views showed a happy Renee, a model, and a travel blogger posing inside the water for pictures and a shirtless man approaching to engage her in a flirty conversation.

Hugging It Out

Renee and her admirer then continued in a full-on exchange of laughter, hand-holding, and even sharing a hug as a remixed version of Mint Condition's Pretty Brown Eyes plays in the background.

“He walked right into the ocean to introduce himself to me,” Renee wrote in the clip’s caption.

She Misplaced His Contact

TikTok | Renee

Renee, however, admitted to losing his number shortly after their encounter, which left her no choice but to turn to social media for assistance.

“I was lit when he gave me his number,” she stated before telling her more than 31,000 followers, “I’m counting on [y’all to find him]. Hopefully he ain’t married!”

A Shocking Update!

Well, a few days later, Renee shared an update with her fans and concerned TikTokers on her discovery that her mystery lover is married, as his wife of six years had contacted her through TikTok's direct messages.

“He is indeed married and I won’t be reaching out to him,” Renee said. 

Thee Conversation With Wifey

The model shared a screenshot of her conversation with the man's wife in another video, who dropped her husband's digit and said "Tell him sharee gave you the number," prompting Renee to instantly apologize to the woman.

The Comment Section Is Pleased

Users in the comment section are pleased at the maturity displayed between the two women and their lack of surprise at the discovery that the man now identified as AJ was truly married.

Word From AJ

AJ and Renee
TikTok | Renee

Well, the man in the video came on TiktTok to defend his actions and wrote.

"You cappin' hard, there was never no cheating, and never no attempting to cheat," while noting that the encounter happened five months ago.

He then went on to suggest the travel bloggers gets "professional counselling."

Renee's Closing Words

In response to AJ's rants, Renee implored married men to stop approaching single women and that more single women should be mindful of social media interactions, as she had no idea her fun video would go viral.