What Really Happens Right Before We Die? Scientists Finally Have the Answer

Lex Gabrielle
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What happens right before we meet our fatefully final moments in death? Many people often wonder what we think about and what happens right before we take our final breath. In many fables and even in movies, the idea is that when you are going to die, your entire life flashes right before your eyes. But, how true is that?

It Sounds Too Good To Be True

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In reality, anything that happens in movies is usually fantasy and a bit farfetched. I mean, the more "too good to be true" a scenario, the better the movie will sell. However, there are many things that happen on screen that can happen in reality, as well.

Scientists Recently Discovered That The Whole 'Movie Reel' Of Your Life May Be Pretty True

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On a completely accidental discovery, scientists discovered that we truly do see things in a "dream-like" sense when we are exiting this world.

The Scientists Were Testing A Patient's Brainwaves and Found Something They Had Never Seen Before

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The team of scientists happened to be testing the brainwaves of an 87-year-old patient who had epilepsy. During the test, the patient happened to have suffered a fatal heart attack. Due to the neurological testing being done, the scientists were given a rare opportunity.

During This Time, The Patient Had Unique 'Patterns'

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According to their testing, which happened to be the first-ever recording of a dying brain, the patient's brainwaves reflected a dreamlike state. It happened 30 seconds before and 30 seconds after the patient had died.

It's a Huge Breakthrough For Neuroscience

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"This could possibly be a last recall of memories that we've experienced in life, and they replay through our brain in the last seconds before we die," shared Dr. Zemmar.

What a Person Sees Can Differ From Person to Person

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Scientists claim that most people would recall good memories, but what plays before they die can differ from person to person. Essentially, scientists believe that it is "fond" memories of a person.

Despite Having This Evidence, the Patient Makes it Complicated

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Dr. Zemmar reported that because the patient had epilepsy, it is challenging to make sure that this is a concrete thing.

Patients with Epilepsy Have Neurological Issues That Not Every Person Has

The doctors in the study say that because the patient was epileptic, with a bleeding and swollen brain, it can complicate the findings of the study and make it hard to publish the study as "definitive."

However, The One Study May Put a Push to Investigate This Matter Further

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While one study may not be enough, the doctors on the study are hoping that it can open the door to further investigations and studies on the human brain and death.