Incredible Story of Twin Brothers, Separated At Birth Have Their Lives Come Together In Most Unexpected Way

Valeria Cova
the jim twins

Imagine finding out you've had another sibling you've never known; it is weird, but it happens. Now, imagine if that sibling was your identical twin who was separated from you when you were born. That's the story about The Jim Twins.

They Lived 40 Miles From Each Other

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Jim Lewis and Jim Springer had ordinary lives until they met each other at the age of 39. They were born in the 1940s and put up for adoption at three weeks old; different families raised them in Ohio, where they grew up 40 miles from each other.

Jim, For Short

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Both adoptive families named them James, without knowing the other baby had the same name, but they went with Jim, for short. Though the families knew about the twins, each James lived a different life, one in Lima and the other in Piqua. However, their lives weren't so different after all.

Spelling Wasn't Their Strongsuit

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Their childhoods were very similar; they had the same interests and a dog named Toy. They stood out in woodwork and maths but hated spelling in school. While Jim Springer had a brother named Larry, Jim Lewis was raised as an only child, yet, he knew about the existence of his twin brother.

It Was Time To Make Contact

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In 1977, Lewis decided to contact Springer. He found Springer's contact through a courthouse in Ohio; they talked on the phone and eventually crossed paths. This could've been not the first time they met each other since they used to vacation at the same beach in Florida.

It Took Some Time, But They Found Each Other

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It wasn't until 1979 that the pair finally met up. Jim Lewis did everything to get in touch with his brother, who thought he died when he was a baby. When they compared their lives, they realized there were several similarities worth a life-changing story.

Their Wives Were Called The Same

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Both Jims were married twice. Their first wife was called Linda, but they divorced and found love again with a woman named Betty. If that wasn't enough, each Jim had a son, who they called James Alan. Still, the pattern broke after one of the twins married for a third time to a woman named Sandy.

Jim And Jim Had The Same Tastes

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The similarities didn't stop there; their jobs were kind of on the same lane. While Springer was a deputy sheriff, Lewis was a security guard. The Jim Twins also shared their taste for beer and cigarettes since they noticed they liked the same brands, and both drove a Chevrolet.

He Always Felt An Emptiness


Though Springer wasn't aware of his brother, he stated that he always felt an emptiness. The case resonated all over the country and was the starting point of many theories about twin connections and how their genetics work.

They Were Almost The Same Person

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The pair was part of a study at the University of Minnesota conducted by Dr. Thomas Bouchard. Funny enough, both Jims had very similar answers and conducts, and even their brain waves were strangely similar. The case amazed the scientific community and became a part of history.

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