Oklahoma Man Arrested for Mugging Starbucks After Wife’s Failed $1.25 Refund Attempt

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Richard Engle stole from a Starbucks store
Oklahoma County Detention Center | Oklahoma County Detention Center

A certain Oklahoma native might be spending a few years in jail after he was charged with assault and robbery. The 61-year-old man, identified as Richard Engle, took matters into his hands while trying to get his wife a refund from a Starbucks store. Sadly, things didn't turn out well, and the man will bear the consequences of his actions. Here are the details.

What Transpired Between Richard And Starbucks Employees?

On December 18, 2022, Michael made the headlines after what was expected to be a quiet encounter with Starbucks employees escalated quickly. The man entered a Starbucks in Oklahoma City with his wife to demand a $1.25 refund for a shoddy drink the latter had purchased the previous day. 

The Cashier Denies Michael And His Wife's Request 

According to reports, the woman asked the staff members for a refund but was denied, as she had no proof of purchase or receipt. Instead, the woman was instructed to call the corporate office. Accepting their decision, she exited the store, but her husband had something different in mind.

Michael Returns To Take Action 

Shortly after his wife left, Michael returned to the store and insisted on getting a refund while scolding the cashier. Unfortunately, his requests were not met, and at that point, Michael opted for a different means to get the money.

Michael Steals Money From The Store

A tip jar.
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In a statement, M.Sgt. Gary Knight recalled what transpired afterward. According to her, as soon as the employees turned their backs on him, the man stole money from the tip jar on the counter and attempted to flee the scene. Investigations would later reveal that the amount stolen was one dollar.

Things Get Even Worse

Immediately Michael grabbed the money, another customer informed an employee, who followed Michael as he walked out of the store. The employee tried to get a picture of the man's license plate, but Michael prevented him by all means. According to reports, the culprit backed his vehicle into the employee a few times before speeding away. However, he was able to get a picture of the license plate.

The Police Get Involved

Following the terrible incident, the Starbucks employees chose to involve the authorities. According to M.Sgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department, they responded to a call from a local coffee shop regarding someone who had stolen money from a tip jar.

Michael Gets Caught

Upon arrival at the location, the Starbucks employees showed the authorities the pictures, and without hesitation, they went after the culprit. Not long after, Michael was caught at his home in Harrah. Reports revealed that he was immediately taken into custody at the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

What Charges Does Michael Face?

According to the law, Michael will be charged to court on the grounds of assault and robbery and might bag a few years in jail. Meanwhile, the cashier, whom Michael bumped into, is believed to be in good condition. Hopefully, Michael's story inspires the public to abstain from robbery, as it could cost them a few years of their lives.

Another Recent Starbucks Robbery

Starbucks outside seating.
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Sadly, Michael's robbery is only one out of the many that have occurred in recent times. Some weeks before the incident, Dominique Hullum was sentenced to two decades in prison for firing several shots at officers after robbing a Starbucks in Cleveland, Ohio. Hopefully, he will understand the gravity of his actions in years to come.

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