Outrage Over Mother-in-Law’s Short Dress At Wedding

Ashley Hunte
A bride and groom in their wedding photos.
Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

When it comes to weddings, there's a good deal of etiquette guests should adhere to. Even if you're part of the wedding party, or you're a close relative of the bride or groom, there are some rules that you can absolutely never break.

For instance, you can't upstage the bride. That means no wearing white, or anything that could take attention away from the bride on her special day (or the groom, for that matter).

In a Reddit post on the Wedding Shaming sub, a user called u/fatgirlfantasy posted a pic of a bride's mother-in-law, who wore a short, revealing dress to the wedding. The initial post gained a lot of attention before being removed from the sub's feed, having users divided on whether or not the MIL broke the unspoken dress code.

Check Out The Dress For Yourself!

The MIL's church wedding look.
reddit | fatgirlfantasy

The Cocktail Dress Sparked A Lot Of Debate Online.

Two wedding bands on a bouquet of flowers.
Unsplash | Beatriz Pérez Moya

The image consists of the bride, as well as who we can presume to be the MIL and FIL. All of their faces are obscured, showing just their bodies and the outfits they have on. The bride is wearing her white wedding dress and holding a bouquet of white flowers. The FIL is wearing a typical dress suit with formal shoes. The MIL, though, is wearing a dress that is both short and low-cut.

The dress itself is all black, is well above knee length, and features an extremely plunging neckline. It also has a skirt portion that reaches the ground, acting somewhat like a train for the MIL. Her legs, though partially obscured by the train, are bare, and the woman sports strappy black heels.

The post was initially titled, "Mother in law’s church wedding look," indicating the fact that the woman would've worn this dress inside of the church for the ceremony.

Users Had Some Pretty Divided Opinions About It.

At least MIL didn't wear white.
reddit | alfombraroja

The picture sparked a lot of debate on what's appropriate for a wedding, and what isn't. Some users argued that it might not be the best look to pull off for a church wedding. Other commenters, on the other hand, were just glad that the mother-in-law decided to go with a dress that wasn't white (as many posts on the thread "shame" MILs for wearing white to their sons' weddings).

One user joked that it looked like the MIL was going to a "sexy funeral," while others joked that she was a "goth queen."

Others Wondered What Her Reception Look Might've Been.

Some wondered what she wore to the reception.
reddit | NDC-not-covered

Some wedding-goers have one look for the ceremony, and a completely different look for the reception (though, it's usually just brides who do this since their wedding gowns aren't always suited for dancing). Though it's not likely that the MIL had a different outfit planned for the reception, many wondered if she would've tried to go for a different look.

Some users in the comment section even thought of hypothetical ways she could make the outfit look racier or more outrageous, including getting rid of the train altogether.

Others Felt That There Was Nothing Wrong With The Look.

Others complimented the MIL.
reddit | Greyhoundowner

Of course, while many shamed the MIL for wearing such a revealing dress to a church ceremony, others praised her for it. Commenters complimented the MIL's legs and said they'd probably wear something similar if they were in that situation.

For others, they felt there was an element of ageism in people's negative opinions of the dress. They felt that, if they believed the woman to be younger, they might not have had as much of a problem with the dress as they do now, assuming that the MIL is middle-aged or older.

And Of Course, Many Believed The Post Was Fake.

Some believe the image is fake.
reddit | Sea-Smell-6950

As always with the internet, you can't believe everything you see. The quality of the photo seems a little odd, with textures missing. But some commenters took things a step further and accused the uploader of editing the photo to make it seem like the MIL's dress was much more revealing than it actually was. They argued that the strange inconsistencies in the textures were due to poor photo editing, and believed that the actual dress was probably a lot tamer than it seems in the post.

h/t Tyla, Daily Mail