Inspiring Teacher Turns Students’ Drawings Into Something Truly Unique

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Teaching young children can be a trip. For teachers of elementary school students, many things are created in the classroom that can be both strange and unique. For children, anything that they create is the next best thing. When it comes from their own mind and their own imagination, it is something that is truly spectacular.

Many Drawings From Kids Just Go in a Box

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When kids create masterpieces in the classroom, they oftentimes bring them home to their parents. These parents tend to put them on the fridge, or even store them in a box. Sometimes, they even go in the garbage.

This Can Stifle a Child's Creativity

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When a child creates something special, having it cast aside can truly hurt them or even stifle their creativity. Sometimes, it can even make them sad and upset.

One Teacher Found a Way to Celebrate Her Student's Art Instead

Reid Parker shared the story on Twitter of how his son's teacher decided to take the drawings of all of the kids in class and make something that would last much longer than the drawing itself.

Parker's Son Drew a "Therizinosaurus"

Teacher makes toys from student art
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The drawing was a pretty out-of-proportion dinosaur that Parker's son's mind. When his son came home with an actual stuffed animal/toy that was an exact replica of the drawing, he was blown away.

The Teacher Had Gone Out to Have Every Single Drawing Made into a Toy

teacher made toys from student art
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For the entire class, the teacher took home the student's drawings and had them turned into stuffed animals. Each child went home with one, showcasing their creativity and their art is important and truly something remarkable.

People Online Were So Impressed and Touched By The Act of Kindness

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Many people online were truly shocked but also, touched, that the teacher would go out of her way to have all of these toys created. In fact, many acknowledged it must have cost money out of her own pocket to have this done, too.

Many Thought the Teacher Deserved a Huge Raise

Many people online also recognized that teachers like this are rare. Not all teachers give their all to the profession in such a way. Some of them should be recognized, many noted.

Others Shared They Wished Their Own Children Had This Teacher

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Other parents online shared how they wished that their own children's teachers took this much time and care out of their day to show how much they love their profession and their students.

Parker Even Created a GoFundMe For the Teacher, Too

Teacher creates toys for kids
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"I wasn’t going to set up this fundraiser, as I’m fairly sure the teacher involved (who wishes to remain nameless) would feel uncomfortable. However, a lot of people have asked for ways to give a little gift to her to help pay for supplies, or just a 'thank you' for bringing them a little joy," the GoFundMe page reads.

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