Man's Viral Video Shows Him Warning Neighbor of Wife's Alleged Cheating

Ashley Hunte
A video doorbell.
Unsplash | James Yarema

If you knew that a friend or neighbor's partner was cheating on them, would you try to be the one to warn them? Even if it's someone you don't know very well, chances are you don't want them to catch their spouse in the act without warning.

A recent Reddit post shows a man talking to his neighbor through a doorbell video. Uploaded by a user who goes by ratihes to the Next F***ing Level Subreddit, the man in the video warns his neighbor that his wife is being unfaithful while he's out at work.

The Post Contains A Video That Captions What The Man Is Saying.

A man approaches a doorbell cam to tell his neighbor about his cheating wife.
reddit | ratihes

"your wife is cheating."
reddit | ratihes

"A Nissan parks three houses down."
reddit | ratihes

"Okay, your wife is smart but unfaithful."
reddit | ratihes

Without Revealing His Own Identity, The Man Issues A Warning To His Wife.

A video doorbell.
Unsplash | James Yarema

The man walks up to the camera, wearing a hoodie in order to obscure his face. He talks into the camera's microphone, saying that he lives in the neighborhood and that he changed his Wi-Fi name to "1744 your wife is cheating on you," because the address of the house the man visited is 1744. According to the man, though, it seems like the neighbor hasn't noticed this Wi-Fi name.

The man then tells his neighbor that he's noticed a white Nissan park a few houses away every day after the husband leaves for work. The man walks through the side and into the back, presumably where there are no cameras. "Your wife is smart, but she is unfaithful," the man continues, before leaving in a direction that is apparently different from where he actually lives.

The video went viral on the sub, getting upvoted nearly 100,000 times, and being awarded several times as well.

Commenters Reacted To The Post.

"This man honors the bro code."
reddit | Nervous_Brilliant441

Many applauded the man for doing his best to warn his neighbor. Some were confused by the Wi-Fi name at first, before realizing that "1744 your wife is cheating on you" is the whole name.

Others Joked That The Man In The Video Is Actually The Other Man.

What if the person in the video is the cheater?
reddit | ComprehensivePiano81

Some joked that the Nissan driver is actually the man in the video, though that's probably far from the truth.

Some Wondered How The Neighbor Knew So Much.

Some question the neighbor's interest.
reddit | Levaris77

Commenters wondered why the man cared so much, and how he had all the evidence to back up his cheating wife claims. Others argued that he probably just noticed the same pattern of behavior over and over again.

And Of Course, Many Thought The Video Was Probably Fake.

Some think it's fake.
reddit | ApeOfDiamondz

You really never know with the internet, after all.