15+ Epic Fails That Had Hilarious Consequences

Michele Lang
tattoo of symbol of dog neutered
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Everyone has experienced epic fails in their lives, but sometimes these fails can lead to hilarious consequences. These 15+ epic fails from the r/wellthatsucks subreddit are no exception. From accidentally setting a kitchen on fire to sending a snarky email to the wrong person, these mishaps will have you laughing at the absurdity of it all. Despite the initial embarrassment or frustration that may come with these types of situations, it's important to remember to laugh it off and move on. These epic fails may be cringe-worthy, but the laughter that comes with them is worth it in the end.

"My friend works as an extra in movies and does stock photography.... just saw him pictured as a sex offender on a bus in Florida"

Bus with sex offender ad
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Oh man, talk about a case of mistaken identity! Imagine the horror of seeing your face plastered on a bus as a sex offender.

"When you’re working from home and you hit video instead of audio"

working from home
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I'm sure their coworkers will never let them live this one down. But hey, at least it's a funny story to tell around the virtual watercooler

"Man gets a tattoo he found on his pup, not knowing it means he's neutered"

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This guy thought he was getting a cool tattoo inspired by his pup, but it turns out it was actually the logo for being neutered. Ouch.

"Their flight left 2hrs ago"

passport left in bathroom
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Talk about a rough start to the vacation!

"My dad says, “Google is doing this stupid thing where the blur the top left part of the results. Facebook is doing it too actually.” He melted the top left corner of his screen."

burned computer
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Well, this person's dad really knows how to make a statement. I'm sure the tech support team had a good laugh when they saw the damage.

"A statue of Jesus in India mysteriously began dripping water from its toes. Worshippers started collecting it and drinking it believing it was holy. The source of the water was later found to be a clogged toilet near the statue."

jesus foot statue
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Talk about a holy mishap! This statue of Jesus in India had worshippers convinced that it was performing miracles when it started dripping water from its toes. I'm sure they were all thrilled to collect the blessed water and drink it, thinking it was a sign from above. Little did they know, the source of the water was actually a clogged toilet located nearby. Oops. Talk about a dose of reality. I'm sure the worshippers were less than thrilled when they found out the truth.

"My brand new Roomba ran over my puppy’s shit and proceeded to “clean” the rest of my home."

Roomba spreads poop on the floor
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Talk about a rough day for this person and their puppy! Not only did their beloved furry friend leave a little present on the floor, but their brand new Roomba decided to run over it and spread the mess all over the house.

"I installed my own microwave today and saved $150 in install fees!"

broken stove
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Talk about a case of penny-wise and pound-foolish! This person was able to save a few bucks by installing their own microwave, but ended up breaking the oven in the process. Oops.

"Bought 60 doughnuts for the office today to celebrate my 20th birthday, only to be told I need to self isolate/ work from home for the next week"

donut boxes
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Talk about a rough start to the birthday celebration! This person was all set to share some sweet treats with their coworkers, only to be told that they needed to self isolate and work from home for the next week. I'm sure the doughnuts were a real comfort during their time in isolation.

"Tony Hawk problems"

Tony Hawk renting a car
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He's a world-famous skateboarder for goodness sake. If anyone can handle a few problems, it's him.

"DoorDash sent me this as a delivery confirmation photo..."

Doordash food on the floor
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Talk about a bummer. I'm sure they were less than thrilled to see that their meal was delivered to the floor.

"Too true"

Being 30 is hard
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Ah yes, growing older is indeed a challenge. Suddenly, you're expected to be responsible and make sensible decisions, and those pesky aches and pains start to crop up. It's a tough transition, but hey, at least you get the occasional senior discount to make it all worth it.

"You can do so much good, and still be labeled something negative."

ex con on news
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"Came home late from work, drop my open sandwhich in the parking lot. Go to make pasta, the first pot slips and I pour it all on the ground. Make a second pot and the handle straight up breaks and my pasta goes everywhere. Didn't eat; had a lil cry."

pasta all over the floor
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"If you're having a bad day just remember, you could be the guy who's driving a bus full of potential Coronavirus carriers to quarantine while being observed by a man in a hazmat suit"

Bus driver looking scared with full body suited man behind
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