Woman Shares Uber Safety Hack: 'Terrifying' And 'Clever' For 'Dangerous Situations'

Geri Green
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A woman has revealed a clever hack she uses to keep herself safe when riding around in an Uber. Per The Daily Mail, the U.S.-based woman took to TikTok, where she reached out to other women who don't want any nasty surprises while using the popular taxi app.

Stay Safe

This one is scientific, but it's guaranteed to work in court - should it ever come to that. The hack makes sure that there is evidence of the rider's presence in the car, should the driver ever deny that the person was a passenger.

Hair And Fingerprints

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The woman told viewers that in every ride she takes, she leaves both her fingerprints and strands of her hair in the vehicle. The useful video has now amassed over 27 million views. "Ever since a girl on TikTok said she leave hair and fingerprints in all her Ubers," the text read as footage showed a pair of feet and a hand inside a vehicle.

In 'All' Her Ubers

Continuing, she wrote, "I leave hair and fingerprints in all my Ubers."

She concluded, "Ladie amirite #lovebeingawoman." Fans seem on board, and some hadn't even thought of the hack. "Wow I never even thought about this," one user replied. Another, meanwhile, said that they'd had an Uber driver "lock" them inside the vehicle until they left a five-star rating.

Uber Offers Tips

Uber itself also offers tips for women to stay safe while using its cars. "Pay attention to your friends. If you think they look uncomfortable or not themselves, don’t be afraid to ask them if they’re OK," one piece of advice reads on the company website.

Speak Out

The company also adds, "If you see anyone acting violently or aggressively, notify security or call local authorities." There have, over the years, been reports of attacks on women by drivers - there's also an element of using your gut. If you don't feel safe from the start, don't get in and contact Uber.

You Don't Have To Make Conversation

Most people riding around a taxi might greet the driver or chat with them. Uber drivers may want to confirm the passenger's name and destination, but there's no obligation to speak to the driver or make small talk.

Pretend You're On The Phone!

One fan replying even added their own hack. "I always pretend I'm on the phone with someone as I enter," they said.

Say You're Sharing Your Location

The user added that during their pretend call, they announce that they are sharing their location - a bit of a warning to the driver.

Stay Safe!

The TikTok's comments are worth reading. Ride safe!