94-Year-Old ‘World’s Dirtiest Man’ Dies Shortly After His First Bath

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Amou Hajj
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People hold world records for the most outrageous things you can think of, like the world's dirtiest man who died after taking his bath. The Iran-born native passed away on October 23 at the ripe age of 94. So how did he get this interesting title? And how did he die?

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'Amou Haji'

This title didn't just come by chance. The world's dirtiest man hasn't taken a shower for over half a century. Amou Haji, which is an Iranian nickname for an elderly person, took a bow on Sunday in Dejgah village in the southern province of Fars.

His Interesting Lifestyle

The 94-year-old was always covered in soot and pus and lived in a cinder-block shack. According to villagers, he has not cleaned with soap or water in over 60 years.

Why Did He Choose This Life?

This is the million-dollar question on everyone's lips. The old man was said to have experienced severe emotional difficulties in his youth, and the trauma has led him to stop having his bath.

Haji's Diet

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Haji usually eats rodents killed by the roadside especially porcupines, and then proceeds to smoke a pipe filled with animal dung as he held a strong belief that being clean would make him sick.

His First Wash

The villagers somehow convinced him to have a shower for the first time after which he died in his sleep. His record is currently set to be taken by an Indian man who has not also showered in more than 30 years.

Kailash Kalau Singh

The Indian-born is from a village just outside Varanasi and his own reason for not taking a shower in almost two decades is to help put an end to all mankind's travails.

Rejecting Bath

The man refuses any offer of water or a bath and takes a "Fire bath" instead, which involves him smoking marijuana, lighting a big bonfire, and then proceeding to stand on one leg to pray to Lord Shiva.

What Singh Thinks About 'Fire Bath'

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The Indian man described a fire bath as similar to bathing with water as it helps kill all the bacteria and infections in the body. Well, we're not entirely sure about this claim, but Singh has stuck to his guns for the longest time.

The Fear Of Bathing

There's a definition for what these two men display. It's called Ablutophobia, an anxiety disorder that may have been caused by a traumatic incident involving bathing, washing, or cleaning with water or any cleansing agent in the past. This disorder affects children between the ages of 7-11.

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