Mom With Face Tattoos Banned From Attending Her Child's School Play

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Close-up shot of Tattoo
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There are many reasons to get a tattoo. It could be to identify oneself or to honor a loved one. However, a new survey by Oxygen Network and Lightspeed research purports that 59 percent of women have tattoos compared to only 41 percent of men.

According to reports, a mother in Wales, UK, who was "addicted" to tattoos was instructed to observe her child's Christmas nativity play from the classroom window through the school's back garden. Melissa Sloan, a 45-year-old mother of two, claims to have 800 tattoos on her body and gets three new ones weekly. Her face is entirely covered in ink.

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Why She's Obsessed With Tattoos?

Sloan has picked an interesting way to live life. The 45-year-old and a mother of seven children is addicted to tattoos and promised not to stop until she's covered up in different tattoos.

In her golden word to The Sun, Sloan said "I'll keep going as long as I live."

She abides by the adage "you only live once" and is dedicated to enjoying herself.

Barred From School Event

School event
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Sloan described the insensitive manner she was treated by on-site instructors at school who would not offer her a seat in the main hall and made reference to the flower tattoos on her face by telling to her to go back to the "garden".

"Look through the class window," they told her. Sloan continued saying that she doesn't attend the school play—the teachers told her to do it.

Sloan mentioned that she frequently faces restrictions on attending the children's school functions, either formally or due to the overt stares of other parents and kids. She feels uncomfortable being the subject of the surprise and intrigue around her entrance.

Not Able To Get Employed

This is not the first time she has garnered attention. Sloan previously made headlines when she alleged that her face tattoos prevented her from finding employment.

She claimed to The Mirror that she is still unable to find employment due to her tattoos and that they prevent her from entering local bars. In the upscale bars, they complain that it offends them and don't like it. Although, she pays no attention.

Redditors Reacts To Sloan's Tattoo

Reddit users have already weighed in on the controversial topic, and some of their comments include the following:

There are having tattoos and then there's looking like you fell asleep at a party and people scribbled all over your face

While another added:

She actually sounds surprised that she can’t get a job, looking like that! Even if you didn’t see the UK part of the link, it’s so clear that this didn’t take place in the US because there would have been lawsuits up the yazoo from day one. I don’t know why she hasn’t sued. I think she looks terrible but, on a basic civil rights basis, the school doesn’t have a right to keep her out. I feel sorry for her kid She looks like a high school desk

Effect Of Her Constant Tattooing

Because of improper tattoo healing, Melissa's skin has begun peeling off recently, yet she still adores her face.

Who Inks Sloan?

Although she enjoys having her partner and children ink her as well, even if some of her tattoos are done professionally, she still hopes people wouldn't look down on her because of it.