TikToker Raised $50,000 In A Day For 82-Year-Old Walmart Employee To Retire

Chisom Ndianefo
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It's the season of giving, and people did their best to get on Santa's nice list, like the TikTok trend of people fundraising for senior citizens working retail.

A few months ago, a TikTok user raised funds for an older lady working as a cashier in Walmart, and last month they chose, Butch, an 82-year-old man, as the recipient for the fundraiser.

Meeting Butch For The First Time

The description suggested that the 3.2 million viewers contribute a collective $180,000 for the man's retirement.

The man behind the camera explained the initiative to Butch, saying a lady started it when she saw an older woman working at Walmart because that was the only way to clear her debt.

Explaining The Retiree Viral Trend

He then told Butch that he planned on raising the same funds for him, to which the older man replied that it'd be fantastic.

He gave the group his credentials for the GoFundMe page. They did further research and discovered Butch was a Navy veteran.

Bug Boys' Rory McCarty To The Rescue

The company Bug Boys focuses on extermination but decided to do something different for Christmas. The Cumberland, Maryland, company learned from the other first lady who started the initiative in November.

Bug Boys McCarty Is Now Viral

The Bug Boys' founder, Rory McCarty's kindness, went viral and is now a local news sensation on Fox 5. He told the new station that becoming an online philanthropist wasn't his plan, but that lady inspired him.

TikTok Walmart Retiree Trend

McCarty said Butch working hard surprised him as the older man should be retired now. He said finding help is hard, so he decided to do something nice for Butch. His TikTok followers agreed with his initiative and contributed beyond their expectations.

Scroll down to see the woman that started it all.

GoFundMe Update

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So far, they've raised $97,000/$100,000, although the goal was $50,000. McCarty hand-delivered the GoFundMe check to the older man at Walmart and shared the video with the hashtag, #TikTokWalmartRetiree.

The Woman Who Started It All

When Nola discovered what the TikToker did for her, she said "thank you" but reminded him that she still had some excess debts to clear.

The Difference Between The Older And Younger Generations

It reminded TikTok users of the difference between the older and younger generations. The former focuses on results, while the latter cherish the process.

Not An Ingrate

Some people mistook it for ingratitude but forgot she's a typical boomer who's practical with her choices rather than sentimental. Nola couldn't believe people cared enough to raise her that amount of money.

We look forward to seeing the next beneficiary of the Walmart TikTok Retiree fundraising.