Woman's Terrifying List of Reasons Not to Get Pregnant is Going Viral

Ashabi Azeez
Reasons not to get pregnant
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While starting a family and having kids are considered to be some of the most wholesome parts of being human, it does come with an exhaustive list of challenges. From a female's perspective, conceiving and carrying the pregnancy to term is the beginning of motherhood struggles, and for a while now, there has been a trend on social media listing the symptoms women tend to experience when pregnant, and it is tagged as reasons not to get pregnant. On TikTok, a user described as the girl with the list has been going viral after collating the symptoms of pregnancy, as well as the drastic changes to a woman's body from conception to the time of birth.

The Girl With The List

The TikTok user with the account name Jada Jay took it upon herself to make a list of 176 reasons not to get pregnant. Her list was based on some life-changing stories shared by other TikTok users on their pregnancy experiences. The mind-blowing changes included an increase in shoe size to the possibility of nipples falling off. Hormone changes are also said to go through changes such that sweat could turn blue.

Some Content From the Viral List

Unsplash | Devon Divine

Jada Jay's list started as a stitch to a TikTok mom's video where she showed her split ear. The mom made it known that her child did that to her. Jada's video came in form of a moving list that showed that pregnant women could experience hernias, tendinitis, and cholestatic. Expectant moms may develop sleep apnea, varicose veins, blistery nipples, brain fog, heartburn, and bleeding gums among others. There's also weight fluctuation where one could either lose or gain weight.

More From Jada Jay

The TikTok content creator was not done with her awareness as she shared another short-form clip, this time enumerating and ranking the most terrifying changes associated with getting pregnant. This also meant reasons that could make one run the other way as far as pregnancy was concerned. Jada made her video as a part of the On The Bottom Of The Pyramid sound currently trending on the app.

Making it to her even more eye-opening list was the terrifying possibility that the nipples could fall off. Jada's list also included uterine prolapse, the clitoris could be affected, paralysis, blindness, and the extremity which could lead to loss of life.

Media Users React

Many TikTokers took to the comment section thanking the creator for compiling her list. One person who described themselves as a mom stated that they could not agree more, while a second commenter shared that anything could happen in life. However, some users had differing opinions noting that Jada's list would only discourage people, or scare pregnant women.