Texas Student Fatally Shot While Taking Down Christmas Decorations

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A 19-year-old student from Houston Christian University was fatally shot while taking Christmas lights down from her home in Crosby, Texas, according to reports. The student was identified by authorities as Marissa Dikeman.

Reports Indicate That Dikeman Had Been Working The Evening of Her Death

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Dikeman's grandfather shared that she had gone to work at 7:30 p.m. that night and returned home with her two coworkers—who were also her friends—to remove her holiday decorations. Her two friends were there to help, the grandfather told ABC13.

Authorities Indicate One of Dikeman's Friends Had a Firearm on Him

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Cayman Wilson, 17, was a friend of Dikeman's helping her at her home with the decorations. Reports indicate he had a firearm on him and was playing with it.

Wilson Fatally Shot Dikeman With the Firearm

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Investigations indicate that Wilson had taken out the gun, and pointed it at Dikeman before he shot her. Wilson is now being charged with manslaughter, reports indicate.

Paramedics Were Called to the Scene

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Dikeman was pronounced dead at the scene, shortly after the paramedics arrived. The other teenager at the scene was not charged.

Authorities State the Firearm was Not Wilson's

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"My understanding is that firearm may belong to the victim's roommates who were not present at the time of the shooting," Sgt. Greg Pinkins told ABC13.

Dikeman's Family, However, Does Not Want to Press Charges

Student shot dead taking down christmas decor
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Despite Wilson's current charges of manslaughter, Dikeman's grandparents share that Wilson is a "good kid" who was good friends with their granddaughter. They do not wish to press any charges in regard to the death of their granddaughter.

Dikeman's Family Believes The Guilt is Enough to Live With

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"It's bad enough that he has to live with what happened the rest of his life," Dikeman's grandfather stated. Wilson is currently being held at the Harris County Jail on a $50,000 bond. He has no prior criminal history.

Authorities Are Still Investigating the Motive of the Shooting

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Reports indicate that authorities are still investigating whether the shooting was an accident or if there was a motive behind it. The investigations regarding Dikeman's death are still ongoing at this time.

Dikeman Was The Youngest of Three on Track for Graduation

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The 19-year-old had been studying educational administration, on track to graduate next year from college. She was currently working at her family's deer processing company less than a mile down the road from where she was killed.

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