Teresa Giudice and Husband Luis Ruelas' Secret to a Hot and Heavy Marriage

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Teresa Giudice and  Luis Ruelas
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For any Bravo Network fan, the name Teresa Giudice is a household one. The original Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate has had quite the storyline over the years, from landing herself in prison to a headline divorce to finding a brand new love match and getting remarried. Over the years, Giudice has never been afraid to speak her mind and tell it like it is, in fact—she spills the beans quite often.

Since Meeting Luis Ruelas, Her New Husband, Giudice Has Frequently Shared Their Intimate Life

The now-newlyweds met on the Jersey Shore before they had "love at first sight." After dating, the two became inseparable and Ruelas became a staple, not only in Giudice's life but also in the RHONJ. He popped the question in the Fall of 2021.

Their "Love Bubble" Kept In Tact As The Two Wed In August 2022

Since tying the knot, Giudice has not been quiet about their intimate life, sharing with friends and fellow housewives that their sex life is hot and spicy.

In August, After Getting Married, Giudice Says Their Sex Life Is Dynamic

During the first few days of marriage, Giudice told People that the couple was having sex five times a day. While that was on their honeymoon, they spent a lot of time in the bedroom rather than on the beach.

Ruelas Agreed That Their Honeymoon Was Spent Primarily "Naked"

"[During the honeymoon] I'm like, 'I'm going home with a lot of clean clothes,' 'cause we stayed naked a lot of the time, but it was like... I'm attentive to [her] needs," he shared.

However, Since Returning Home From Their Honeymoon, Their Sex Life is Just As Hot

Giudice shared that four months after tying the knot with her soulmate, they're still having sex three times a day. While some people may think that's a lot, the reality TV star thinks it's nothing less than normal.

The Housewife Veteran Thinks If You Love Someone, You Show It

Teresa Giudice
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"My point is, if you don't do that, then that's not normal. That means you love the person you're with and want to be with ... I mean if not, then why be with that person," Giudice asked. "It's a normal thing when you love someone."

Ruelas Shared That Despite Getting Down To Business Often, They Have A Busy Household

The couple, who both have children from previous marriages, moved in together in their blended household. "We live on six acres, big house, a lot of work that goes on," Ruelas shared.

They Still Find Time To Get Their Fair Share Of Each Other

With a combined six children, they pass alongside each other throughout their days and make plans to meet and find time with each other later. Although, their children are not huge fans of their public displays of affection all of the time.

However, Giudice Hopes Her Love For Ruelas Will Set A Good Example For Her Four Daughters

Giudice shared that despite people's opinions, she hopes that her physical affection with her hubby will set a good tone for her daughters to see. She shared that her own parents were very in love throughout her own life. "It's not just on the surface, [but] in every level," Giudice gushed.