Incredible Feat - 23-Year-Old Canadian Plants Over 23,000 Saplings in a Single Day

Chisom Ndianefo
Screenshot of Antoine Moses
twitter | Antoine Moses

A 23-year-old Canadian environmentalist, Antoine Moses, broke a world record by planting over 23,000 saplings within 24 hours. His marathon background came in handy for his goal and his achievement went viral on Twitter thanks to former Norwegian diplomat and environmentalist Erik Solheim.

Faster Than Lightning

Solheim's video showed Moses in action as he dug holes and planted saplings as quick as lightning. Moses challenged the former record holder (also a Canadian), Kenny Chaplin, who planted 15,070 trees in 2001.

Making It Into The Guinness World Record

Moses planted 23,060 saplings in 24 hours in La Crete, Alberta, Canada in July 2021. According to the breakdown, the then-23-year-old planted one tree in 3.75 seconds, and 16 trees per minute.

Professional Tree Planter And Teacher

Moses describes himself as a professional tree planter and amassed a large following across social media. He uses his platform to promote environmentalism and teaches his followers how to plant trees and save the planet.

Still Going Strong

A TikTok post during the Summer showed that he hasn't relented in his efforts to save the planet even one year after earning his World Record. Moses said he'll never stop until the day he dies.

Years Of Hard Work Paid Off

Before his record-breaking achievement in July 2021, Moses planted trees for six years without recognition. He's always been passionate about mitigating the effects of global warming and tree planting is one way to achieve that.

The Team Behind The Man

Hands touching a tree trunk.
Unsplash | Shane Rounce

Although he took the credit and broke the record, Moses confessed to having help from a six-person crew in 2021. Couple with his previous planting expeditions the environmentalist alleges that he'd planted over a million trees in his country.

The Number To Beat

Moses said he broke three planting records and waited for the Guinness World Record organization to approve them. The environmentalist added,

"Thanks again to my amazing team that helped me go through this challenge! 23,060 Trees in 24 hours is now the number to beat!!"

Working With Big Corporations

Moses also highlighted the corporate environmental organization that assisted him in his quest to revive the plant, Blue Collar Silviculture. The company has been planting trees in Western Canada since 1983.

Blue Collar Keeps Supporting

Blue Collar provides Moses with transportation and other logistics while he saves the planet. In one of his famous videos, the environmentalist had a chopper waiting to carry him home while he planted saplings.