'Aww Man!' - Toddler Reports Mom For Leaving Him Without A Goodbye Kiss

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Children are very adorable and observant, so therapists and experts warn parents to watch what they teach their children. You'd be surprised at what they notice when you think they're not paying attention.

About three years ago, a viral clip of a toddler reporting his mother for leaving the house without kissing him goodbye rocked the internet. A Reddit user resurfaced the clip on the subreddit, Made Me Smileleading to many teary eyes and warm smiles.

It's more interesting when you realize the little boy babbled his way through the report, yet his father understood every bit of information!

Watch the clip below.

Alex Reports His Mom To His Dad

Diana Explains Herself

Alexander Simos, a two-year-old Florida boy, couldn't believe his eyes when his mother, Diana, rushed off to work without their traditional goodbye kiss! The situation so floored him that he reported it to his father, who understood his babbles.

The toddler started by saying Diana left him and his newborn sister without a goodbye kiss. He added his father, too, for good measure, and when the older Simos, Christos, asked,

"...and she just went to work? What kind of mother does that?"

Alex replied, "I Don't Know!"

Christos feigned exasperation by punctuating the transcription with, "Aww, Man!" Alex echoed him. Diana originally shared the clip on Facebook in 2019, reporting herself to the world while her caption explained that she left soccer practice in a hurry to return to work.

Alex, of course, didn't understand the mechanisms of adulthood, so he took offense that she left without a proper goodbye kiss. Diana chastised herself and made it up to little Alex.

It Was Adorable

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How Did Christos Understand Alex?

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Stay Attuned To Their Sounds And Gestures

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It Takes Time To Understand

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How To Understand Toddlers Babble

Several Redditors reacted to the viral clip, with some recounting stories of similar occurrences and others wondering how Christos understood Alex's babbles. Someone noted that the newborn threw her milk bottle in protest when her older brother pointed at her during his rant.

As one user rightly noted, the family loves and appreciates Diana. She and Christos raise their children in love, so it was easy for Alex to spot when something was "wrong."

A kindergarten teacher explained how the father understood the toddler's babbles saying,

"You pick up on sounds they make and how they communicate with each other"

Someone added that you must stay attuned to children because they're always eager to communicate. She opened a YouTube channel and updated their new fans on the aftermath of her infraction.

More Tips on Babble-speak

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