Couple Married 79 years Die Hours Apart: 'They Went Out Together'

Ashabi Azeez
June and Hubert Malicote
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Love prevailed until the end and the Malicote family experienced it firsthand. This is the touching love story of the late couple June and Hubert Malicote whose story went viral after they passed on within hours of the same day. The couple was married for close to eight decades, and when the moment of their last breath came, their love for each other reigned supreme.

June And Hubert Malicote's Story

Early in December 2022, the old couple June and Hubert Malicote made it to the news headline when it was announced that they has passed on at the age of 100. While it was highly significant that the husband and wife lived to a hundred, the manner in which they made their exit from the world caught attention.

Speaking about their demise, the couple's 76-year-old son, Sam Malicote related that "they went out together." June and her husband took on the journey of a lifetime together many years ago, and their romantic journey ended in one of the most spectacular ways ever.

June Was Ill

According to NY Post, June fell ill after hosting a Thanksgiving Day pizza party for her loved ones. Her health immediately deteriorated and she had to be taken to hospice care on the same night. While the turn of events caused the family to be worried, Hubert took the most hit. After learning of his wife's failing health, the Ohio senior citizen's health started failing and before long, he also had to be taken to the same hospice.

How The Old Couple Spent Their Last Moments

Hubert was admitted to the same room as his wife, and although the pair were unconscious, they held hands. June and her beloved husband were surrounded by their family as they spent their last moments together.

According to Sam, his father really fell apart, and by 9:15 pm on November 30, he took his last breath. He added that his dad passed on due to a broken heart. June would follow suit hours later at 5:40 pm on December 1.

Inside The Late Couple's Love Story

Speaking about his parents' demise, Sam noted that he felt sad, although he should not be. He reflected on their long and happy lives while noting that they were "devoted to God and the family."

Hubert and June met as youngsters back in 1941 in their home state of Kentucky and struck it off right from the start. However as fate would have it, the former had to join the navy and this caused a brief separation. This did not deter the budding affection between them as they kept in contact. Whenever Hubert was on leave, he and June would make sure to see each other, and during his second visit home, he proposed to her. They walked down the aisle in hopes that Hubert would return someday for them to continue their love life.

They Built A Solid Family Life

Family enjoying breakfast together.
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Hubert returned to his wife after World War II, and they moved in together in Ohio. While building their lives together, they made a beautiful family of three children Sam, Jo, and Theresa. The trio welcomed seven children, and the generational growth resulted in the birth of 11 great-grandchildren.

They Recently Celebrated Their 79th Anniversary

Back in June, the old couple celebrated their 79th anniversary of being man and wife, and they gave an insight into what kept the together for so long. From their discourse, June and Hubert stated that since they got married at the age of 20, they never had to combat a major quarrel. Their daughter Jo, affirmed this claim. Hubert told Today at the time, "We didn’t go through life without problems, but we would never do anything to hurt each other."

Hubert Speaks On Their Marriage

Hubert revealed that over time he learned that a quick time-out was an effective way from getting issues to escalate. He noted, "If there’s controversy, you might have to walk away for a couple minutes. Then you come back in and change the subject or you work it out.” The pair were able to hold it down whenever they experienced the downside of being married.

The Couple Had A Routine

One thing that held them together was how they had a routine for quality time. Even in their old age, the couple stayed true to their routine, In recent years, June suffered several strokes that altered her communication, but things remained relatively the same. They would often sit together for dinner, see an old western movie and go to bed. Their daughter Jo, revealed that she made sure this continued even as her mom became a special needs senior.

They Spent A Lot Of Time Together

According to Hubert, he and June did not go out much but spent a lot of time together. The couple went through quite a lot from the Great Depression to the COVID-19 pandemic. The late sailor shared that they did not go out much and when their kids were younger, they were content with sitting around the travel to share stories of their day. He added that living through the worst economic downturn in the history of the United States, made them grateful for what they had.