Bizarre! Florida Man Breaks Into Home, Takes a Bath, and Drinks Coffee

Prithvi Mishra
Zachary Seth Murdock was arrested on charges of burglary and damage to property

In a bizarre incident, a Florida man was taken into custody after breaking into a vacation rental home and making himself at home, according to the Escambia County Sheriff's Office.

Breaking and Entering

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When deputies arrived on the scene in response to a reported burglary, they discovered that the suspect, Zachary Seth Murdock (29), had shattered the front door's glass to gain entry to the unoccupied residence on Tuesday, November 15.

The investigation is ongoing as authorities continue to gather information about the motive behind this unlawful invasion.

A Bizarre Turn of Events

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According to the Sheriff's Office, the suspect not only broke into the home but also made himself quite comfortable during his unlawful stay.

He reportedly used the bathtub, took a nap in the bedroom, and even brewed himself a cup of coffee, which he left on the back porch. It remains unclear what the man's motivations were for this bizarre behavior.

Police Took a Cheeky Dig on Murdock

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According to officials, the suspect did not make much of an effort to conceal his activities during the break-in. "Let's just say he was not the type of criminal to try to cover his tracks," authorities stated in a Facebook post titled The Incorrect Way to Vacay, adding that the man even left his bus ticket stub in the kitchen trash can.

It seems that this individual was not particularly savvy when it comes to committing a crime, making it easy for authorities to track his movements and ultimately apprehend him.

A Trail of Evidence

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According to reports, the suspect made a hasty exit from the scene when police arrived to investigate the break-in. However, officers were able to gather ample evidence of the suspect's activities during their search of the home.

Neighbors Helped the Police

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Later that evening, authorities received a report of another burglary in the same neighborhood and responded to the scene. It is unclear at this time if the two incidents are related or if the same individual was involved.

Murdock for Searching for a ‘Tony’

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As per the victim's account, a man dressed in a dark shirt, trousers, and baseball cap approached her sliding glass door and attempted to force it open.

When confronted by the victim and asked what he was doing, the suspect claimed to be searching for someone named Tony before fleeing the scene.

Upon further investigation, authorities were able to identify the suspect as Zachary Seth Murdock, though it remains unclear who Tony is or how he is connected to the incident. The investigation continues as authorities work to piece together the details of this strange case.

A Detailed Description of the Crime

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The police authority wrote, "The suspect had smashed the glass on the porch door, entered the unoccupied vacation rental, used the bathtub, slept in the bedroom, made himself a nice cup of coffee in a mug (which he left on the back porch), and filled the kitchen trashcan with trash (including his bus ticket stub). Let's just say he was not the type of criminal to try to cover his tracks and was identified as Zachary Seth Murdock (DOB: 11/18/93)."

An Unclear Motive

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According to the Miami Herald, Murdock was swiftly apprehended by authorities and taken into custody on charges of burglary and damage to property. It is unclear at this time what consequences he will face as the case moves through the legal system.

A Note for Everyone

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Burglaries and home invasions are unfortunately common crimes that can occur at any time of year, but they may be more prevalent during the holiday season when people are more likely to be away from home or have valuable gifts on display.

To protect your home and belongings, it is important to take precautions such as keeping doors and windows locked, installing a home security system, and being aware of your surroundings. As we approach the new year, we encourage you to take steps to ensure the safety and security of your home and family. Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.

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