Holiday Magic: Little Girl Sets Up Camera To Watch Her Elf On The Shelf Finally Fly

Chisom Ndianefo
Elf with Christmas cards
Unsplash | Hello I'm Nik

The holiday is about creating magical moments with our loved ones; these memories are passed on from generation to generation and make up for good tales. This experience will surely be unforgettable for a little girl who watched her Elf fly for the first time and captures it.

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A Curious Girl And A Willing Mom

TikTok user and mom did everything within her powers to make her darling daughter believe that her Elf on the Shelf can do real-life things and the little girl was sure she wanted to capture the moment in real-time.

A Golden Idea

The mom then performed a little stunt of her own to make her girl's holiday wish come true and wrote in the video text.

“That time our daughter set up cameras to catch her Elf on the shelf flying, So we had to get creative and make this f****** thing fly at midnight tired asf. The things we do for these kids man…” 

Look, It's The Flying Elf!

The creative mom staged a security clip for her daughter hidden camera as an attempt to make her believe her doll had now come to life. It was a well-played-out move as the elf flew around the air near the family's Christmas tree.

10 Million Views

Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

The video has gathered over 10 million views and 22 million likes on TikTok as the mom rounded up the wholesome moment with sprinkles of glitter around the magical elf who came down and stared directly into the camera.

Mom Couldn't Hold Back Her Laughter

Trust the video to spark up reactions from different corners of the app, as one user who was deeply amused by the stunt wrote, “The glitter being sprinkled in front of the camera is killing me,” as the mom replied that she was cackling up while doing it and if the viewers listened closely, they would hear the laughter.

We're glad the laughter wasn't loud enough for the little girl to discover she was being finessed.

More Comments

Other users had sweet things to say about the video as one user described it as a "masterpiece", while another wants to desperately "believe" the stunt forever. Another TikToker wants the video to get an Emmy which is not a bad idea at all! That was super creative of the mom.

“This will be a core memory and she’s going to believe forever omg,” wrote another viewer.

Fun Facts About Elf on the Shelf

It's a Christmas tradition that began in the USA and is now a global practice as well as important family cultures during the festive season.

Elves Are Travelers

These little creatures travel from the North Pole every year from Santa, who sends them out, and they report back to Santa giving reports if the kids have been naughty or nice.

Name Your Elf

Elf eating a cereal.
Flickr | pattonshelbyl

It's a golden rule that each elf has their own unique name. However, Buddy is one of the most common names around for these creatures that are also customizable.