Woman Charged With Attempted Murder For Stabbing Her Husband On Christmas

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A Las Vegas resident, Samantha Toland, is in jail for stabbing her husband on Christmas day. The L.A. Metropolitan Police Department responded to a 911 call from a neighbor leading to Toland's arrest. She's now being held without bail in the Clark County Detention.

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Charged With Attempted Murder

The LVMPD charged Toland with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and domestic battery with a deadly weapon. The 28-year-old and her husband lived near 6600 Beacon Road, where the police first responded.

911 Call From A Concerned Neighbor

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A concerned neighbor noticed Toland's injured husband bleeding in front of her house. When she went to check on him, the man told her his wife had stabbed him and to call 911. The neighbor immediately did, and officers responded to the call.

Toland Intended To Kill Her Husband

Upon arrival at the crime scene by 10:00 pm, the police discovered Toland stabbed her husband on his upper body with intent to kill. They secured him in an ambulance and called the perpetrator outside to face the music.

Her Confession

Toland exited the residence without a fuss, and the investigators secured the crime scene. Fox 5 Vegas reported that the accused smoked methamphetamine (Meth) in the days leading to the stabbing. She also confessed to premeditating the stabbing.

Alleged Mental Abuse

Toland said her husband was mentally abusive, which caused her to plan his death. However, that night, Dec. 25, he didn't provoke her action. In fact, they were watching a movie before she attacked him.

Trigger Warning!!!

Further reports revealed it was an attempted murder/suicide, but the rope for hanging herself broke, so that plan went down the drain. Toland stabbed her husband sporadically with her eyes closed.

Her husband escaped through their bedroom window and landed in front of the neighbor's house at about 9:00 pm. That's when she saw him bleeding.

Not A First-Time Offender

Further information about her health and record came to light following the Christmas incident. In 2018, the court ordered Toland to attend impulse control counseling following battery charges, and she did.

She's Facing Heavier Charges

Unfortunately, it appears the training did little to nothing to help as she's once again facing heavier charges.

The Prelim Hearing Starts In Two Weeks

The accused refused transportation to court on Monday, Dec. 26, leading a judge, Amy Ferreira, to sign an order remanding her in jail without bail until her preliminary hearing next two weeks, Jan. 12.

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