Bruce Willis’ Wife Emma Reflects On Her Love Story With The Iconic Actor

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Close-up shot of Emma Heming and Bruce Willis
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Love is a beautiful feeling, and no doubt it lives here! Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis are private however, their love is evident as they never fail to make us jealous when they stun on the red carpet.

Emma is in her feelings as she reflects on falling in love with the Die Hard actor 15 years ago, and we are here for all the gist.

Keep reading for all the juicy details.

Love Of My Life

With the help of vintage footage from their first winter together 15 years ago, Emma provided a unique and rare glimpse into their love journey.

On December 28, Heming Willis, 44, posted a video of herself and Die Hard actor, 67, engaging in outdoor winter activities like riding a snowmobile, tubing down a mountain, and taking pictures in a winter wonderland.

Reminiscing About 15 Years

It's a tender and sweet memory that will make you believe in love or remind you of the day you went "over heels" for someone as they sled, laughed, posed, and smiled.

It was that winter, 15 years ago I fell head of over heels in love with him 🤍 #loveofmylife

She captioned.

Fans Reactions

The mushy video has got her fans gushing, us included, of cause, as they look so cute together has gotten over 30 thousand likes and over 500 comments.

This makes my heart glow

Bruce Willis' 31-year-old son wrote, his other daughter with his ex-wife Demi Moore, Tallulah Willis, 28 also wrote, "This is blowing my mind!"

While another fan added, "That sweet laugh ❤️😍.Thank you for sharing these precious videos with us, Emma. I’m sure there are millions of fans all over the world waiting for a sign from Bruce. Happy holidays to your beautiful family 🎄💝🙌🏻"

Love At First Sight

The two started dating in 2007. Later, in January 2008, they went out together when Heming accompanied Willis to the Sundance Film Festival's What Just Happened? Premiere.

Heming Willis recalled their initial meeting to PEOPLE, saying, "When we first met, I was surprised at how charming and how funny he was – and extremely handsome," Willis also added, "I was already in love with her."

Blended Family

Demi Moore
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The couple's ability to meld their personalities together is one of its most admirable qualities. Demi Moore, who is the mother of three of Bruce's children and was his ex-wife, has always had a significant role in their lives. They were right there by her side at the Flawless debut in March 2009.

Making It Official In Turks & Caicos

The pair wed in Turks & Caicos in March 2009 after more than a year of dating, and on April 1, 2012, Mabel Ray was born. On May 5, two years later, they welcomed Evelyn Penn. Their relationship with Demi evolved as their family did. The couple stood beside the actress on September 23, 2019, as her memoir Inside Out was released.

The Couple Supported His Ex-Wife

Their relationship with Demi evolved as their family did. The couple stood beside the actress on September 23, 2019, as her memoir Inside Out was released.

The mixed family was quarantining together when the COVID-19 outbreak hit its peak. During the 2020s, a source told People that Demi and Emma were "very close."

Since then, their friendship has developed, and they continue to serve as role models for people who follow similar paths.

Making His Aphasia Diagnosis Public

It wasn't unexpected that the Die Hard actor's family accepted him and gave him all the support he needed once his aphasia diagnosis was made public.

A Lucky Man

Bruce Willis
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No doubt, Bruce Willis is one lucky man! Although he might have lost his career however he still has the love of family and that is all he needs for a faster recovery.