'I Just Killed My Daughter': Florida Mom Confessed to Stabbing 3-Year-Old to Death In Chilling 911 Call

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Mugshot photo of Florida mom who stabbed her daughter to death.
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A Florida mom was arrested after confessing to killing her daughter in a chilling 911 call. The mom, later identified to be Jellisa Baxter, was charged with first-degree murder and child abuse.

The incident shocked the local community in North Miami Beach and people close to the suspect could not believe why the seemingly "good mom" snapped.

Strangled And Stabbed To Death

In a disturbing 911 call, Baxter can be heard confessing her crime. When the dispatcher asked how she killed her daughter, she answered very calmly and said:

"I tried strangling her. That didn't work, so I stabbed her with a knife."

Listen to the 911 recording here.

Deep Stab Wounds On The Chest, Neck, And Face

The incident happened early Tuesday morning in an apartment complex near Northeast 10th Avenue and 163rd Street.

Police found the knife in the living room near the child's lifeless body, which reportedly had several deep stab wounds to her chest, neck, and face. The little girl was pronounced dead on the scene.

The Mom Sounded Eerily Calm

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In the 911 call released by the police, the 24-year-old mom sounded eerily calm while detailing what happened. While being probed by the dispatcher, she answered every question clearly, with a composed voice, devoid of emotion.

"I'm Right Here"

Baxter was able to explain how she killed her toddler, where the body can be found, and what she was wearing.

Toward the end of the call, she can be heard quietly telling the officers, "I'm right here."

She Seemed Like A Good Mom

The news came as a shock to Baxter's stepfather, Harold Hemmings, who shared that he had previously met the baby.

"She didn't seem like a bad momma to me," said Hemmings. "You know, she seemed like she was a good mother."

No Motive

Police are still baffled as to why the mom killed her little girl.

Baxter's stepfather said that he had no idea why she "snapped". He further added that he thinks Baxter was sick for committing such an unthinkable crime.

Neighbors Say She Was Having A Tough Time

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According to Baxter's neighbors, the mom had been having a tough time as of late.

Public records show that she had received an eviction notice just days before she killed her daughter. Power had been cut in her home and she was also unemployed.

Influencer Life On Instagram

On her Instagram account, Baxter's life seems normal. She labels herself as an endowarrior, a holistic health coach, and a mental health advocate. Pictures of her with her daughter before the gruesome crime happened are also posted and the two can be seen looking happy together.

Facing Life Imprisonment

Baxter made her first court appearance on Wednesday, facing charges of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

She is set for arraignment next month and could be facing life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

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