Visit To The Vet Turns Into Rescue Attempt For Desperate Florida Woman

Jeremy Floyd after his arrest
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office | Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

On a regular day at the DeLand Animal Hospital in Florida, Jeremy Floyd and his girlfriend brought their dog in for a visit. As they spoke with the veterinarian, it became apparent that something was wrong with the dog and the woman appeared to be in poor condition, with cuts on her fingers, bruises on her arms and legs, and a swollen eye, according to a police report. The woman, whose identity has not been revealed due to the alleged abuse she suffered, asked to use the bathroom and left Floyd with the dog while she was gone.

Woman Seeks Help at Animal Hospital

the womens note
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office | Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

The woman asked to use the bathroom and left Floyd with the dog. When she was out of his sight, she passed a note to a worker behind the counter, which read:

"Call the cops. My boyfriend is threatening me. He has a gun. Please don't let him know."

As instructed, the worker quickly contacted the police. When DeLand police arrived at the animal hospital, they found Floyd with a 9mm handgun loaded and concealed in his waistband and his girlfriend crying.

Woman's Injuries and Fear for Her Life

Floyd, 39, has a long criminal history dating back to 2003, including charges for drug offenses and grand theft auto. On this occasion, he was detained by police and taken away from his girlfriend due to his alleged possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. Upon further medical evaluation at a hospital, doctors discovered that the woman may have also sustained a concussion in addition to her other injuries. She reported that her head hurt and it was difficult for her to remember the events leading up to her visit to the animal hospital.

Couple’s Altercation Involves Alcohol and Drugs

As she was interviewed by the police, the woman slowly began to recall the events of the previous two days. Her account differed significantly from Floyd's version of events, which he provided from jail. The couple had gotten into an argument on Wednesday night at their home in DeLand, and both parties agreed. However, the woman claimed that Floyd became jealous and accused her of flirting with other men. Floyd admitted to the police that he was upset with his girlfriend because he has a problem with African Americans and believed that she was a "n---- lover." He reportedly told her to go into the bedroom and wait for various black men to arrive to have sex with her.

Details of Domestic Violence and Gun Threats Emerge

Floyd claimed that this was simply a joke, but the woman took him seriously and went into the bedroom. In an attempt to escape, the woman jumped out of a window. Floyd told the police that after his girlfriend jumped headfirst out the window and collapsed in the yard, he carried her back inside. However, the woman claimed that Floyd chased her down the street, grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her back into the house. Inside, Floyd allegedly struck her in the head and face with an open hand. Floyd told the police that they had simply "tussled," but the woman's injuries suggested otherwise.

Woman Treated for Injuries at the Hospital

The woman was treated at the hospital for a possible concussion and other injuries, including a swollen eye, cuts on her fingers, and bruises on her arms and legs. When police searched the couple's home, they found two bullet holes in the drywall. Floyd is being held in jail without bond.

Man Arrested and Held Without Bond

Jeremy Floyd was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, false imprisonment, battery, and firearm charges on Sunday, following the incident at the DeLand Animal Hospital where his girlfriend escaped and sought help.

Woman Remains Unnamed To Protect Her Identity

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office praised the woman and the vet worker who assisted in the rescue and posted a photo of the woman's note on Facebook. Despite the charges against him, the woman has declined to cooperate further with the case and has chosen not to pursue criminal charges against Floyd.