Waffle House Employee Goes Viral After Deftly Avoiding A Thrown Chair

Ashabi Azeez
waffle house employee
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Waffle House has been making rounds on social media after footage taken in of its outlets went viral. The content of the clip presented a scuffle between the staff and customers. While it was not such a pleasant sight to behold, one particular moment caught social media users’ attention and the restaurant had a field day with thousands of tweets. 

The Waffle House Scuffle

Waffle House storefront
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The clip which was shared on Twitter featured a two-minute filming of a Waffle House outlet in Austin, Texas. The video started as the camera panned around some group of customers sitting adjacent to the staff counter area. It was clear that the atmosphere was tense as the camera moved around showing everyone spoiling for a fight.

It Became A Full-blown Brawl

Soon enough some female customers moved closer to the counter as they mounted the highchairs to haul items at the staff. In return, the Waffle House staff members on duty retaliated, and the situation escalated. As the camera moved around quickly, more female customers could be seen charging at two female staff members who did not relent. One of the customers grabbed a staff member, landing some punches on her head. 

One Female Staff Member Caught Media Attention

While the fight went on, the customers continued hauling items at the staff members, and this soon turned into bigger things. One of the ladies picked up a chair and flung it across, but as it got to the Waffle House worker in question, she instantly raised one hand and swiftly swiped it to the side. Her quick reflex looked like it came straight out of an action movie. Passers-by and other customers could not help but be impressed as they let out screams praising her effort.

Twitter Reacts 

The crowd around the restaurant wasn’t the only one who couldn't get over the female staff member’s deft skill at averting the impact of the chair. 

Twitter users had a field day discussing the feat while alluding to action movies like The Matrix. Someone compared her skills to something seen in the US military joking that “the US Military has many branches defending” the country. 

Another person likened the Waffle House staff member to a superhero stating, “I've come to the conclusion that this was no fight. This was the global coronation of a new superhero. ‘Waffle House Girl.’" A third user chipped in that the lady needed to feature in the next action movie. Others doubled down on what could possibly cause the issue noting that they were baffled by how things could go from making and taking orders to throwing hands. 

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