Chances Are You've Been Using Your Frontloading Washing Machine Wrong This Whole Time

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Cleaning can be a nightmare when you don't know what to do, but thanks to people like Ann Russell on TikTok, it's become as easy as ABC. The homemaker gained a devoted following of 2 million people eager for more tips on how to get the best out of cleaning day.

Many of Russell's cleaning tips have gone viral, including one demystifying a front-loading washing machine. She's relatable and direct when explaining her hacks, so scroll down to see the fuss.

You've Been Doing It Wrong

Russell started by reminding everyone that before she discovered the hack, she was just as clueless as them. Then she added, "Can I just confirm that nobody knows which one to put the washing detergent?"

Apparently, the instruction manual wasn't as clear on that front. So, Russell demonstrated using her Hoover washing machine and opened the three slots on the front saying they were meant for soap dispensation.

No Matter The Arrangement, The Logo And Functions Are The Same

Russell further explained that each compartment is marked, albeit in unclear terms. One side has a flower logo (fabric softener), the other has "I" written on it (pre-wash), while the part with "II" is the main wash.

Most Australians (and people generally) don't use fabric softeners unless it's inevitable, so the compartments marked "One" & "Two" are the focus.

The next least-used part is the Pre-Washing (One) since it requires extra effort. So, load number two with your preferred washing liquid unless you're a thorough launderer.

It May Not Change Anything

The revelation stunned her followers as they admitted to using the washing machine wrongly. One person said they used only the "I" compartment for pre-wash as their main wash. Russell reminded her followers that the pictograms are the same even when the order varies.

Other commenters thanked Russell for the tip, although they admitted they'd not use it. After all, pre-wash only loosens debris and dirt with cold water. One user said,

"I have never used the pre-wash function in my life."

Ann Russell Is Now A Published Author

Open book with reading glasses and coffee.
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Russell is now an author as she released a book containing most of her cleaning tips thanks to her TikTok fame. Her book How to Clean Everything: A Practical, Down to Earth Guide for Anyone who doesn't know where to start is a best-seller on Amazon Books.

It has an impressive 4.9/5 stars rating from 342 users.