TikTok's Dylan Mulvaney Shares Updates Post Feminization Surgery

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Dylan Mulvaney
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Dylan Mulvaney is looking forward to the future, but keeping the past close as well, following her viral feminization surgery. In her most recent TikTok updates, the media personality opened up on how she was faring after going under the knife, right from her hospital bed. And from the clip, it seems she is gradually getting back on her feet.

Mulvaney Shares Post-surgery Musings

The TikTok star was filmed on her hospital bed still covered in the surgical bandages and her patterned scrub. Mulvaney propped herself up with some pillows while facing the camera. She started off by letting fans know she missed them all while noting that she was doing well. The TikTioker thanked her slew of admirers for the support as she also showed her love. The brief update was followed by an outpouring of love in the comment section as fans shared their good wishes. Mulvaney wrote in her caption:

"trigger warning: a bloody hot mess."

More Updates From Th Social Media Star

The trans activist also took to Instagram to share more information on her life following her operation. She posted several significant images showing herself before the procedure and after. The first photo was a selfie of Mulvaney before her surgery. She had her hair covered in a surgical cap while sharing a smile with the camera. The next slide posed to be an ode to her pre-surgery face. The 25-year-old addressed her face as her "dear sweet face" as she wrote that it did her "good." She penned:

"If we had stuck it out together forever we would've made it work. But you sparked a sadness much too often that most will never relate to."

Basically, Mulvaney thanked her face for the past while noting that it did not fail. She also titled her short address "my last selfie."

Mulvaney's First Selfie

The next slide was Mulvaney after her feminization surgery. She posed raising thumps up at the camera. Mulvaney titled her shirt address to the second snapshot as "her first selfie ." She addressed her post-surgery face in the third-person narrative noting that she could not wait to grow accustomed to her new look. With over 10,000 comments many fans expressed their love while wishing her a swift recovery.

Mulvaney Has Always Been Open About Surgery

Dylan Mulvaney
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Throughout her journey to getting her feminization surgery, Mulvaney kept fans updated right from her pre-operation doctor's appointment, and getting dropped off for surgery. The TikTok pro was also able to pull through thanks to the support from her over 8 million TikTok followers, and her friend, Mercury Stardust. Prior to the operation, Stardust and Mulvaney made a duet TikTok where the former praised Mulvaney for taking matters into her own hands regarding her gender affirmation.