Las Vegas Bottle Girl Makes Thousands A Night — But Job Is Grosser Than People Realize

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
TikTok describes her experience as a bottle girl

A Bottle Girl or bottle server is a term used to describe a cocktail server who works at expensive establishments to serve the top-paying clientele. The job has various pros and cons, and TikTok user Carrie Orozco knows this firsthand. It's been over a year since she went viral after sharing some of her experiences as a Bottle Girl in a prominent Las Vegas NightClub. Here are the details of Carrie's story.

Inside Carrie's Job

Carrie began working as a model cocktail waitress at Omnia Nightclub inside Caeser's Palace, Las Vegas, when it opened in 2015. Before landing the job, the TikTok user worked as a food server at a hotel until she saw Omnia's audition adverts on social media. Excited, Carrie began preparing herself for the interview. According to her, she started working out and dieting to get the required physique.

Finally, the audition day arrived, and Carrie let netizens know about the employment process. She disclosed:

"They take a Polaroid photo of you, front and back, and then you go in front of a panel."

Next, she answered questions like her name, experience as a bottle girl, if any, and a fun fact. Then, she waited to get a callback for a formal interview which she got. Thankfully, Carrie passed the interview, and two weeks after she turned 21, she was hired.

The Best Parts Of Working As A Bottle Girl

On September 22, 2021, Carrie took to TikTok to share some of her favorite things about her job. Firstly, the social media user made it known that she worked only three times a week — Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday — allowing her enough time to travel wherever she wanted. Secondly, Carrie revealed she was privileged to see some of the biggest DJs in the world play all the time.

Also, Carrie confessed that her working environment was fun and full of energy, adding that she got to work alongside some of her besties. Overall, for Carrie, working as a bottle girl has afforded her some of the best experiences.

The Negative Sides Of Carrie's Job

Although being a bottle girl can be fun, there are not-so-pleasant moments. Like every other waitressing job, the TikToker has had to deal with rude behavior from clientele, some of whom get drunk, throw up on her, and even burn her with cigarettes. In addition, there are also sexual harassment incidents from both men and women.

Carrie Advises Girls Who Visit Clubs

In November 2022, Carrie made a video detailing some things ladies shouldn't do when invited to a table at a club. Firstly, she advised ladies to avoid being specific about their drink choices while ordering. She also noted that ladies shouldn't feel so comfortable immediately but try to settle in like normal people. In the end, many netizens took the advice, noting they were helpful.