Valerie Bertinelli's Home Security Cameras Help Catch Potential Burglars in the Act

Ashley Hunte
Bertinelli posted footage of men appearing at her front gate.
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Celebrities are just like us, which means they have the same kinds of fears we may have. Worrying about your safety or that of your family becomes much more important when the public knows who you are, and possibly where you live.

Valerie Bertinelli recently had a scare in her own home on Wednesday. The actress and Food Network host shared footage of what appeared to be would-be burglars scoping out her property one night.

Bertinelli first shared the footage through her Instagram story, but later posted the same video to her TikTok page, where it was viewed by tens of thousands of fans..

The Video Shows Footage Of At Least Two Men.

According to Bertinelli, theft had become more common in her area. On security camera footage showing the front of her home, a man carrying several bags walks up. The man looks around for a bit before turning around to walk back down the driveway. A timestamp in the upper left corner shows that this took place at 1:14 in the morning, local time.

"We’ve had a string of robberies in my neighborhood, my next-door neighbor included," Bertinelli writes in text overlay on the screen. "This is one of the men that came to scope out my house last night. I think he stopped because he sees my camera lit up. The other one came an hour before him. ****ing scary."

She Shows More Footage Toward The End Of The Video.

Two men carrying bags walked around Bertinelli's property.
TikTok | @realwolfiesmom

The latter portion shows a shot of the same man who had walked up to the front of the house, as well as a picture of a second man with a large backpack, walking around on the property.

In the latter portion of the post, Bertinelli confirmed that she did call the police. She is planning to add more security to her home, including motion detector lights and barbed wire on the fence at the front of her house.

Fans Worried For The Actress's Safety.

Across her various social media pages, fans wished Bertinelli well after having experienced something so stressful and terrifying.

Earlier Today, Bertinelli Posted An Update About The Situation.

The star posted a second TikTok, stating that it seemed the burglars didn't come back. Bertinelli also discussed how she has very little expensive items in her house. "There's six cats and a dog. I will protect those, those are my precious," she said, ending the TikTok on a lighter note.

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