'Emily in Paris' Lily Collins Reacts to 'Sex and the City' Comparison

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Lily Collins is back in the news as she reacts to the Netflix series Emily in Paris being similar to the iconic '90s series Sex & The City. The actress is on everyone's radar right now following the December 23rd premiere of Season 3 of the feel-good and Paris-set show, and now its shining star is speaking out after everyone keeps comparing her show to the one airing decades ago. Speaking to E! News recently, Lily gushed over the HBO series, one starring Sarah Jessica-Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon.

Reacts To 'SATC' Comparison

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In particular, Lily's Emily character has been compared to SJP's Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie was the footloose and fancy-free fashionista and writer who graced endless SATC episodes with her statement outfits and high heels, also having a long storyline with her on-off lover Mr. Big.

"That is one that I will always take with utter love," Lily stated. "I just love Carrie Bradshaw. I love Sarah Jessica." Both shows were created by Darren Star, so there is a comparison to be made. "We both are very much fashion shows and they celebrate the cities in which they film, Paris and New York," Lily added. "They're characters unto themselves, the fashion and the city."

'Emily In Paris' Is A Hit

Emily in Paris follows the story of Emily, an American who is sent out to the French capital to whip a marketing team into shape and inject a little U.S.A. into the company. She makes friends with rather standoffish colleagues who eventually become her friends. Of course, she also falls in love with a gorgeous French boy, but there's trouble in paradise after things turn into a love triangle situation.

Lots Of Stereotypes

Lily's first guy is Gabriel, who lives downstairs and works in a restaurant. Actor Lucas Bravo told Vogue Arabia, “I think they’re right, in a way,” while speaking of French critics. “We’re portraying cliches and we’re portraying one single vision of Paris. Paris is one of the most diverse cities in the world. We have so many ways of thinking, so many different nationalities, so many different neighborhoods. A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to know everything that’s going on in Paris.”

'90s Are Back!

Also popular among Gen Z is the sitcom Friends. For SATC lovers, though, there's a whole new series of Emily in Paris to stream. The series also stars Camille Razat, Ashley Park, plus Kate Walsh. For more, see Lily's Instagram.