Video Of Navy SEAL Giving Wife A Kiss For The First Time Since Accident Goes Viral

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Close up of Laura and Jonathan Grant smiling
instagram | Laura Browning Grant

It's been five years since Laura Browning Grant and her husband, Jonathan, went viral for their romantic miracle story, but they're going viral again. Jonathan, a Navy SEAL was in a life-threatening accident that left him comatose for months.

Doctors didn't think he'd make it but he did.

Read their full story below.

Together For Five Years Before Tragedy Struck

Jonathan and Laura married in 2012 and were happy until an accident five years later rendered the Navy SEAL comatose. He got into a car accident that left him with a severe brain injury and was incapacitated for two months.

Like The First Kiss

The then-37-year-old suddenly woke up in July 2017 after two months of being in a coma. From then, he recovered well with the help of physicians and his wife who's a Pilates instructor. During one of his physiotherapy sessions, Jonathan walked towards Laura and kissed her.

Back In The Water

The Pilates instructor, 45, said it reminded her of their first dance on their wedding day. She's since shared updates of his journey on Instagram, showing their growing fans his progress over five years.

A recent post showed that the former Navy SEAL is doing well despite some health struggles.

Back In The Water

Last summer the couple built an accessible pool to help Jonathan get back to his love of swimming and being in the water. She wrote, "The navy seal in him has been asking to swim and now we are able to make that possible every day."

Fundraising For More Healthcare

"Donations" typed on paper
Unsplash | Markus Winkler

When he was critically ill, Jonathan's sister set up a GoFundMe account to assist with his recovery and healthcare because the veteran benefits stopped. The fundraiser is still active with a $300,000 goal and so far, it's raised $296,854 from over 3,900 donors.

Preaching The Gospel With Their Story

The Grants are Christians so they use their story as a way to spread the Gospel of Christ. Laura believes Jonathan's story is a miracle designed by God to win more souls into his kingdom. Every Instagram post showing his recovery always credits God as the master healer.

It's A Miracle From God

When speaking with the local news outlet The Knot, Laura said, "The human brain has an amazing ability to heal itself with time, but, in Jon's case God's healing hand is clearly evident."

A Supportive Partner

She has also been a very supportive partner to Jonathan through his ordeal. She deserves as much credit as the physicians because her encouragement helped him to continue to try.

Always And Forever

Laura wrote, "As much as I miss the Jon before 2017 he is still my Jon of then, now, always and forever. This is not our story to tell.  It is God’s story through us. We are the vessels. Love is always the answer. God is love!"