Woman, 22, And Two Dogs Die In Horrific Fire Christmas Day From Artificial Tree

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A Fireman hoses a burning house
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A young woman, Destiny Abdrazack, 22, and her two dogs died in a horrific fire on Christmas day after her artificial tree lights sparked and caught alight while she slept. Unfortunately she learned late as her Sacramento home lacked smoke and fire alarms.

Destiny Alerted The Family

According to more information from the Local News station, KCRA, and Metro Fire of Sacramento, the house belonged to her fiancé's family with whom she was spending the holidays. They're touting her a hero because she sounded the alarm that saved the rest of the family.

The Fire Department Responded

The Metro Fire of Sacramento department arrived at the location in North Highlands at about 2:00 am. They revealed that the accident displaced six adults (Destiny's fiancé and his family) and the department is investigating the fire.

No Foul Play

So far, there's no sign of foul play as the department traced the fire to negligence as the family left their artificial Christmas tree fairy lights on before sleeping. The circuit shorted and caught fire on the plastic fir.

They Left The Light On Overnight

A lit up Christmas Light
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The fiancé's family confessed to being negligent, saying they wanted to leave the Christmas lights on until the stroke of midnight, but they all slept off from exhaustion. They only woke up at Destiny's alarm yelling, "Fire!"

The Neighbors Tried To Help

The news outlet, KCRA spoke to the neighbors, Brandy and Richard Byers, who said they saw the smoke and fire from three blocks but couldn't save Destiny.

"You could see the flickering light on the tree and that's kind of like the telltale sign of a fire."

Garden Hoses And Fire Extinguishers Couldn't Work

A fireman tries to put out a fire
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They tried their best by applying quick response practices like using fire extinguishers and garden hoses to stop the fire. One of the people outside noticed Destiny was still indoors.

"They were screaming 'Destiny, there's someone insides!'"

The Fire Was Voracious

Firemen try to put out a fire
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Unfortunately, it was too late, and Destiny had already passed out from smoke inhalation. Byers said he aimed his extinguisher at the fire, but it was too much for a quick domestic response.

Ongoing Donations For Funeral Cost

The family set up a GoFundMe account to fund Destiny's funeral costs. The goal is $100,000, and they've already raised $9,905 from 173 donors as of 29th Dec. The description calls Destiny, Tizita, and promises to give the proceeds to her family.

Check Smoke Alarms Before Sleeping

A Man's hands checking the smoke alarm
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The Sacramento Fire Station warns residents to always double check their smoke alarm batteries before sleeping this festive season.

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